a boy with his spearfishing catch

Traditional Fishing Techniques Around the World

Fishing is an ancient practice that has been an essential part of human life for over 40,000 years. In many parts of the world, fish was the primary food source, so local populations needed to be well versed in catching … read more

Aurora Borealis over Great Slave Lake

7 Best Fishing Locations in Canada for 2019

If you had to pick just one country to spend your fishing days in, what would it be? You might think this question is hard to reply to. Sure, some countries have monster fish weighing over a thousand pounds, but … read more

A cartoon map of the United Kingdom coloured with the British flag. On the right, a speech bubble with a picture of a fish.

The 10 Best Fishing Towns in Britain for 2019

Britain has some incredible angling opportunities if you know where to look. Whether you like game, coarse, or sea fishing, this small island has it all. A few places really stand out from the crowd, though. Some are great for … read more

brainerd Jaycees Ice Fishing Extravaganza a view of the crowd on the lake

The Brainerd Jaycees Ice Fishing Extravaganza 2019

How often do you get a chance to contribute to charity, have loads of fun doing it, and win fantastic prizes along the way? Well, thanks to Brainerd Jaycees, a Minnesota non-profit organization, you’re able to do just that. Every … read more

an areal view of Gold Coast

10 Best Fishing Spots in Australia – The Complete Guide

Australia is world renowned for the incredible fishing it offers. Boasting thousands of kilometres of fertile coastline, the continent is unmatched in the abundance and variety of fish species it has. As if coastal wonderlands weren’t enough, it possesses countless … read more

A turtle caught in a ghost fishing net on a beach

Explained: Ghost Fishing

Ghost fishing is a huge threat to fisheries and ocean habitats worldwide. Every year, it kills over 136,000 sea mammals. And that doesn’t come close to the amount of fish that die each year because of ghost fishing. What is … read more

a drone flying over water

Drone Fishing – Is It Really Fishing?

For better or worse, recent technological breakthroughs have had a dramatic effect on the way we fish today. Often welcomed by the fishing community, these advancements have generally made recreational fishing easier and more accessible to novices. However, new developments … read more

baked sea bass

Feast of the Seven Fishes – Easy Fish Recipes for Christmas

There are many different traditions and customs related to Christmas. However different, most of these are centered around one thing – family cooking. A particularly special family tradition is The Feast of the Seven Fishes. Originally introduced by the Italian-Americans, … read more

A smiling woman in shorts and a white sweater holding a large False Albacore with a fishing fly in its mouth.

False Albacore fly fishing: all you need to know

False Albacore fly fishing season is the best time of year for many East Coast anglers. Every summer, schools of False Albacore rocket up the Atlantic Coast, crashing bait fish and tearing peeling line from Miami to Boston. It really … read more