A man on a boat holding a large Golden Tilefish caught during a multi-day fishing trip in the Gulf of Mexico

Multi-Day Fishing Trips in the Gulf of Mexico

Multi-day fishing trips are the holy grail of hitting limits and hooking monsters. From overnight sprints out of lower Louisiana, to the 2–3 day fishing trips northern Florida specializes in, these long range charters can get you on some real … read more

A man in a blue shirt and a cap releasing a Redfish off the side of a boat into the sea

Catch and Release Fishing Tips for Beginners

Catch and release fishing is something that all anglers can get behind. Whether you’re a full-on environmentalist or just don’t want to waste food, releasing fish properly is an important part of every fishing trip. But it’s easy, right? You … read more

Two smiling fishermen holding up smallmouth bass and largemouth bass

Smallmouth vs Largemouth Bass: All You Need to Know

Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass are among America’s favorite freshwater fish. From sportfishing pros to enthusiastic amateurs, everyone loves to catch Bass. Black Bass fishing is a multi-billion dollar industry. Countless tournaments and tackle brands specialize in catching lunker Largemouth and … read more

An angler on a boat holding a giant Bluefin Tuna with a spinning rod next to him

Giant Bluefin Tuna Fishing in the Outer Banks

Nothing beats the thrill of giant Bluefin Tuna fishing. Seeing a quarter-ton Tuna burst out of the water is enough to send shivers down any angler’s spine. Bluefin show up all around the States, but nowhere offers more hair-raising action … read more

A turquoise stand up paddle board leaning on a pink SUP board and a yellow kayak with the sea in the background

Paddle Board vs Kayak: Which is Better for Fishing?

Paddle board vs. kayak is a debate raging all over the internet. Forums and comments sections are full of anglers discussing the pros and cons of each vessel. Everyone agrees that both provide a more active, ecological way to fish. … read more

A large red oil tanker with a fishing rod and popping lure in the foreground

Fujairah Oil Tanker Fishing: A First Hand Review

The United Arab Emirates is a nation defined by its oil. The country’s towering skyscrapers, luxury living, and political power all flow from its vast oil fields. What a lot of people don’t know is that the oil industry also … read more

An angler with a fishing rod in his mouth holding a large Striped Bass caught while topwater fishing

Inshore Topwater Fishing: Our Two Top Tactics

Topwater fishing is some of the most exciting inshore angling you could ask for. Nothing beats the thrill of a monster exploding out of nowhere and demolishing your lure. See it once, and you’re hooked for life. Everyone has that … read more

A happy angler in a yellow top holding a Striped Bass

Topwater Striper Fishing: How to Work the Boulders

The islands of the Northeastern US are heaven for topwater Striper fishing. Long Island, Block Island, and the islands off Cape Cod have some of the best Striped Bass action out there. And it’s not just Stripers – the topwater … read more