Three men holding a Mekong Giant Catfish out of the water, with a blue catch cage keeping the fish in place.

Thailand Fishing Resorts: All You Need to Know

Many anglers dream of taking on huge exotic freshwater fish in a distant tropical land. Whether it’s the mighty Arapaima of the Amazon River or the monster Mekong Catfish of Southeast Asia, people travel thousands of miles for a chance … read more

A traditional gazebo on a white sandy beach with turquoise water and blue sky. The typical image of the most popular foreign fishing spots.

America’s 10 Most Popular Foreign Fishing Spots

The US has some of the world’s best fishing. Marlin, Tarpon, Bass –  America’s got it all. With all these amazing species on your doorstep, you have to wonder why anyone fishes abroad. However, some places are well worth traveling … read more

A commercial fishing boat with its nets extended.

Explained: Commercial Fishing Vs. Recreational Fishing

The commercial and recreational fishing industries often find themselves at loggerheads. Whether it’s overfishing, protection of marine habitats, or just who gets to keep more fish, it always seems to come down to a battle of commercial fishing vs. recreational … read more

A Red Lionfish, the most invasive fish in Florida.

Invasive Fish in Florida: All You Need to Know

Florida is a great place to live if you’re a fish. From warm-water canals to colorful reefs, the Sunshine State is an ideal home for hundreds of different fish species. But not all of them are meant to be here. … read more

An aerial view of Little River, SC, one of the most up-and-coming fishing towns in the US.

The 9 Best Up-and-Coming Fishing Towns for 2019

Fishing is the perfect way to make a vacation special. Spending time with family or friends, getting back into nature, landing a trophy or hooking your first fish – this is what memories are made of. The thing that sets … read more

Two anglers looking at a huge Blue Marlin in the water next to their boat

The 12 Ultimate Bucket List Fishing Trips

Everyone has that bucket list fishing trip burning away at the back of their mind. For some, it’s a remote, icy stream with nothing but the soft swish of a fly rod for company. Others imagine heavy tackle reels screaming … read more

A cartoon map of the United Kingdom coloured with the British flag. On the right, a speech bubble with a picture of a fish.

The 10 Best Fishing Towns in Britain for 2019

Britain has some incredible angling opportunities if you know where to look. Whether you like game, coarse, or sea fishing, this small island has it all. A few places really stand out from the crowd, though. Some are great for … read more

A turtle caught in a ghost fishing net on a beach

Explained: Ghost Fishing

Ghost fishing is a huge threat to fisheries and ocean habitats worldwide. Every year, it kills over 136,000 sea mammals. And that doesn’t come close to the amount of fish that die each year because of ghost fishing. What is … read more