Guide to Tampa Bay Fishing

With over 200 species inhabiting its bait-laden waterways, Tampa Bay is rightly revered as the crown jewel among Florida’s fisheries. But why is that exactly? What is it about the greater Tampa Bay area that makes it one of the … read more

Fishing in Cabo San Lucas: All You Need to Know

“Nine yellowfin tuna, four over 150 pounds and the others around 100 pounds, in one day, for two anglers fishing within two miles of the shore. Repeat that for three days and you have a fishery unequaled anywhere.” – Zane … read more

5 Reasons FishBrain Is a Must-Have App for Captains

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Punta Cana fishing report: What Off-Season?

Punta Cana fishing is officially in off-season until November. Most vacation anglers won’t be back for the next couple of months, and the city is using these days to doze off and recharge its batteries until the madness starts all … read more