How to Bait Your Girl Into Going Fishing

fishing with your girlfriend

You love your girlfriend. You love fishing. It’s about time you start combining the two. Here are some suggestions how to gently persuade your girlfriend that fishing is her new favorite pastime.

DO Make It a “Date”

You might be familiar with the notion that women love romance, so the best way to get a girl to do something is to make it romantic. Make your fishing trip a date, why not? You are simply putting a different label on the same product – you still get to go fishing, except in the world of your girlfriend you are on a romantic fishing date. Win win.

DO Smile For The Camera

Smile. That is the sound of a thousand photographs being taken. The best thing to do is to accept that your whole day will be on instagram and facebook. You and your fishing gear, you in the car, you guys at the lake/river/sea, the catch etc. Instead of rolling your eyes, do your best to stand in the right light and help her hashtag the fish you catch.

DON’T Watch Her Struggle

… for too long. Yes, girls like to feel like they can do everything by themselves, but in reality first time fishing is not easy. So, you need to help her enough so she doesn’t feel alone or doesn’t get thrown in the water, yet give her some freedom so she feels like she is mastering a new skill. It’s a fine line, so balance well!

DON’T Try Cover Up the Smell

Everything smells. Don’t let her expect otherwise. If you do your fishing trip will end before it begins. Give her a fair warning about the smell and she will just have to get used to it. Maybe try make it one of those funny situations, or even spin it into a romantic moment where she cuddles close to you to drown out the smell …

fishing with your girlfriend

DO Keep it Clean

Clean equipment. Clean boat. Happy girlfriend. Most girls don’t want to see the remains of your previous catch all over the equipment or boat. It’s an easy task, just make sure you go a bit before and clean everything, check for anything that is suspicious.

DON’T Make it Just About Catching

Don’t let your girlfriend expect to catch lots of fish and be disappointed if she doesn’t. You need to explain to her why you love fishing and that it’s not just about the catch. Teach her how to appreciate the outdoors, the calm, how time stands still. If she hasn’t been fishing before, she won’t know to expect this. 

DO Practice Catch and Release

Catch and release, I can’t emphasize this enough. I can’t speak for every girl, but most girls (including myself) don’t want to watch lots of fish be killed. It’s always a good idea to err on the side of caution for the first time. 

DO Accept It’s Not The Same

This is my final and most important piece of advice. Don’t think that fishing with your girlfriend will be anything like with your friends. Get excited that you are going fishing, just accept that it will not be the same. I am not saying it will be worse, just different.

DO Hire a Fishing Guide

Hiring a fishing guide is a great way to take care of the not so fun aspects of fishing, and focus on the parts that might get your girlfriend ultimately hooked instead!

For a few hundred dollars a pop, the captain will prepare the tackle and bait, take you to where the fish is with their boat, show your girl how to catch fish and then clean up after the trip. Worth the price if you ask me.

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