A smiling fisherman holding a big Red Snapper caught in the Gulf of Mexico.

Red Snapper Season 2018: All You Need to Know

The Red Snapper season 2018 is almost upon us! Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas have announced their 2018 Red Snapper dates. The big news is that we’re in for a longer season in state waters as NOAA Fisheries approved … read more

Popular bait and lures for Redfish.

How to Choose the Best Redfish Bait: Top 5 Picks

Redfish are among the most popular fish in the States. A survey by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration found that of all the charters in the Gulf of Mexico, nearly 30% of them leave the docks to pursue Red … read more

Teenage girl catches Speckled Trout on a Texas fishing charter

How Technology Boosts Charter Fishing in Corpus Christi

Experienced anglers have long known the many qualities of fishing Corpus Christi Bay – a bountiful stock of redfish and speckled trout and nearly limitless opportunities for sight casting and fly fishing. What is less common knowledge is that the … read more

Instant Book is Now More Rewarding Than Ever!

Have you noticed how the world is moving towards automating every possible process? Technology — and the instant responses we get from it — is getting increasingly important for us all. In order to give our customers the immediate answers … read more

Instant messaging conversation between captain and client

New at FishingBooker: Instant Messaging

You might have noticed an addition to your FishingBooker profile recently. You might even be seeing the effects of it right now! Here’s what’s going on. A few days ago, we released our new Instant Messaging feature. We’re really excited … read more

how to become a fishing guide in california

How to Become a Fishing Guide in California

Fishing in California is diverse and challenging. What do you need to legally operate a fishing charter business in the Golden State? From fly fishing in remote mountain streams to big game fishing on a long-distance trip from San Diego … read more