Rob Beattie Interview: How to Convince People You Know About Fishing


“If you’re interested in fishing you already know the answer – you go because you *have* to go.”

Most anglers out there will agree with Rob, if you like fishing you just *have* to go and there is no explanation needed, but for those of you who still need to know a bit more, FishingBooker had a great opportunity to interview Rob Beattie, freelance writer, author and dedicated angler. With the release of Rob’s new book The Bluffer’s Guide to Fishing that teaches you to bluff about your fishing skills and know-how, we wanted to pick his brain and find out everything we can about the book.

So, here is how it went.fishing2FishingBooker: The Bluffer’s Guide to Fishing, is not your first book about fishing. You have also written the 101 Golden Rules of Fishing. What sets this one apart? What made you write it?

Rob: Bluffer’s Guides are designed to do two jobs. First, to give readers enough information so that – at a push – they could convince other people that they actually know something about the subject. Second, they’re fun so you shouldn’t take them entirely seriously.101 Golden Rules was a much more personal book and if you come across a copy you’ll find the story about how I proposed to my wife, when I was haunted as I fished, the importance of luck, and how to make your own bite alarm. It’s very much one person’s guide to angling.

(I want to find out about how you can be haunted while fishing!)

FB: You compare fishing to Beckett’s Waiting for Godot, the similarity is in the waiting game. You give a list of reasons that anglers usually use to explain why fishing is worth the wait. What makes it worth it for you?

Rob: I think because it’s endlessly varied and endlessly intriguing. You can go to a river one day and fish a certain way and catch a dozen fish, all really nice ones. Go back a week later when conditions are exactly the same, fish in the same way with the same bait and you won’t catch anything. Angling is so unpredictable because as someone once said: “Your opponent is essentially Nature herself.”

Here is Rob fighting nature and catching a 5 lb plus Tench!
Here is Rob fighting nature and catching a 5 lb plus Tench!

FB: I like that you mention that angling teachers optimism. How has it taught you to be more optimistic?

Rob: Because you never know what might happen next. Haven’t had a bite for a minute, an hour, an entire afternoon? Well you might get one next cast or in the next minute or if you try somewhere else or use a different bait or tactic. There’s *always* a chance.


FB: In your book, fishing is a man’s sport. Why do you think men tend to fish more? And do you have a few words of encouragement to get women to start fishing?

Rob: The only woman I’ve ever fished with was interested in dating my brother and did it to prove she was a decent sort! I don’t know why more women don’t go angling. I think it’s becoming more popular and they’d certainly be welcome as far as I’m concerned. (By the way she married my brother.)

FB: What are your favourite fishing destinations? Do you fish mostly in the UK, or are you a travelling angler?

Rob: I fish almost exclusively in the UK in the lakes and rivers of my home county in the south of England. I’ve never been much interested in fishing overseas, though I’ve tried in places like Thailand.

From one fishing enthusiast to another, we want to thank you Rob for taking the time to answer our questions. Let’s hope that the next time we meet it will be out there fishing together and staying optimistic. Tight lines!

If you are interested in reading a bit more about Rob’s adventures, grab The Bluffer’s Guide to Fishing, and take it on your next fishing trip.

Very entertaining…confirms our long-held suspicions that anglers are, and have always been, the ultimate bluffers.
– Jon Ward-Allen, Waterlog Magazine

A reel crash course in becoming an instant angling expert.”
Tim Knight, Angler’s Mail


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