Sack Your Cheesy Valentine’s Day Plans and Go Fishing

So far it’s all been about the cheesy gifts, romantic walks, overpriced dinners and crowded bars. Valentine’s day is all about luxury, showering each other with expensive presents or cuddling at home with a pizza and a bit of Netflix.

It is almost guaranteed that you will feel a tinge of disappointment, there are only so many times you can send or receive a cute teddy bear with a I love you sign.

Man and woman going fishing on Valentie's Day

This year forget the cheese and order the fish!

What’s more romantic than a fly rod and waders, I can’t think of many things. Girls, swap your heels and purses for some waterproof fishing trousers and guys don’t worry about buying fancy footwear and try on some angler’s boots. This will get both of you looking your best and ready for the day. Most importantly instead of trying too hard to impress the other half, you can just relax and enjoy the look of your Valentine dressed in rubber.

What’s more romantic than the two of you out at sea, the sun shining down on you, the slow sway of waves throwing you closer to each other and your hands touching as you grab the fishing rod. You get to look into each other’s eyes, take in the potent smell of the sea and experience the unifying power of nature. The salty water might spray you both and then with no effort to you, you will get that natural surfer look. Who needs all that pampering; just go fishing!

What’s more romantic than catching your own food and preparing it together to finish off your perfect day? After a day spent fishing, you get to go home with your own trophy and revel in your success. There is something about the wild, untamed beauty of the outdoors that will bring out the adventurous side in you, what a great thing to share with your Valentine. There is a reason that seafood like oysters are an aphrodisiac.

What’s more romantic than being able to send sexy, yet weirdly accurate Valentine’s cards with messages like “I’m hooked on you” or “You’re such a great catch” and my personal favourite “You’ve got me hook, line and sinker”. Who doesn’t want to hear that? Let’s challenge the notion that there is only one-size-fits-all approach to romance and have yourself a fishtastic Valentine’s Day.

You never know, after your day of fishing there might be two less fish in the sea.

If I have just described your perfect romantic getaway or maybe a Valentine’s Day you would like to try, there is an easy way to get you out there fishing, just check out FishingBooker and experience a new kind of Valentine’s Day.

Who would’ve thought it; fishing is an art of seduction!

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