Bachelor Party Fishing Trips For Every Type of Guy
Jul 24, 2019 | 10 minute read
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Every new chapter in life deserves a good party, none more so than the start of your marriage. To give your single life a proper send-off, you’ll want something you and your buddies will remember for the rest of your days. And there’s nothing like a good fishing excursion to make that happen. This shouldn’t be your average fishing trip, mind you. For this occasion, you’ll want amazing reel action in a place that provides all the other guy activities you and your friends enjoy. With this in mind, we’ve created a list of best bachelor party fishing trips for each type of guy.

three friends on a sail boat

Why Fishing?

Let’s face it, unless all your buddies and all your family are avid anglers, this is the question you’re gonna have to answer. Lucky for you, there are a number of reasons why you would go on a fishing trip for your bachelor party: 

  • You’re likely to get into way less trouble with your Mrs compared to a weekend in Vegas. 
  • Outdoor activities mean bonding. A night of boozing is nice, but you’ve probably had plenty of those in your life. If you want something you and your pals will truly remember, go outside and try to catch the fish of a lifetime!
  • Story time on the boat. If you’ve ever been on a fishing trip, you know that you won’t be reeling in fish 100% of the time. Kick back with a few cold ones and share some laughs on the open water. 
  • You’ll have some stories that you can actually tell.

Alright, with that out of the way, let’s get to your bachelor fishing trip ideas. There’s no first place here, just ideas for every type of dude out there. Let’s go.

Cancún – The Party Maniac

You can’t have a bachelor party destination list without Cancún. This place is famous for its party scene, with more day clubs, beach clubs, and night clubs than you can hope to visit. 

a skyline of Cancún, Mexico

Everyone knows how hot this Mexican resort town gets during Spring Break. Think of it like this: If Cancún’s Spring Break was LeBron’s pass, bachelor parties would definitely be the King’s dunk. Point is, they’re really good at both.

Specializing in ending guys’ singlehoods, Cancún offers a number of catered bachelor party tours. The town’s Hotel Zone is a strip of land facing the Caribbean, dotted with all-inclusive resorts, white sand beaches, international restaurants, and bars. If a resort is a little too constraining, you can always stay in one of the many local villas, where you can even throw a party of your own.

Fishing in Cancún is where things get serious. But in a good way. The town is located smack in the middle of the migratory route of some of the world’s hottest pelagic fish. This means that you could be catching some monster fish within just a few miles of the coast. There’s huge Blue and White Marlin, Sailfish, Mahi and a host of other big game to catch.

We’re sure that there are some party maniacs out there that like a more calm experience when on the water. If you’re one of those guys, you’ll be glad to know that Cancún also has an amazing inshore fishing scene. There are loads of Cubera Snapper, as well as a number of Permit, Bonefish, and Tarpon you can catch on the flats. 

Of course, if you’re looking for a domestic party destination with great fishing, you can always go to Miami.

New Orleans – The Hedonist

Few places can compare with the pleasure house that is The Big Easy. A place where indulgence is the name of the game, New Orleans is where you can truly immerse yourself in all the guilty pleasures your heart desires. Sounds like a slogan for a strip club, we know. But take one stroll down Bourbon street, and you’ll see how apt the statement is.

Arguably one of the best food cities in the country, New Orleans is where you can try all those delicious eats your future wife might not like. Same goes for music. Or cigars. Or any other pleasure you think you might have been depriving yourself of. 

If you and your buddies are after an adrenaline rush, get on the race track and give racing a supercar a try. Racing makes you thirsty, so make sure to get hydrated at one of America’s best rum distilleries. The town is also home to a number of awesome bars, as well as cabaret and stand-up comedy shows. 

Fishing-wise, New Orleans is equally rich and diverse as the town itself. If you want a truly local experience, the bayous and marshes are teeming with Bull Reds and big Speckled Trout. In these waters, you’ll get to experience some really awesome wildlife, too. From bald eagles and herons to alligators and otters, this place comes straight out of a documentary.

Anchorage – The Nature Lover

If you’re looking for pristine wilderness and unrivaled natural beauty, look no further than Alaska. Based out of Anchorage, you and your crew will be perfectly situated for an adventure in the wild. There’s a number of ways to explore the surrounding nature. 

If you’re tight on time, you can hop on a seaplane and head straight to the stunning Denali National Park. In this incredible natural reserve, you’ll see intimidating brown and black bears, as well as caribou, moose, deer, wolves, mountain goats, and countless bird species. If you have time, go for a slower train ride and let the beauty sink in.

If you’re planning your bachelor party between September and April, you’ve got to check out the northern lights. See one of nature’s most incredible shows as the astonishing auroras shine through the night. Visiting during the summer has its perks too, as you’ll be able to catch the midnight sun on a “daily” basis.

To experience this beauty up close, hire a fishing charter and see why the area is renowned for its Salmon bites. The Chinook season may be closed, but you’ll have plenty of Coho and Sockeye Salmon to catch, as well as good numbers of Steelhead. 

a red and white seaplane landing on a lake near Anchorage, Alaska

Our recommendation? Gather the guys and hire a seaplane. Not only will you enjoy the sights again, you’ll land on some of the area’s most productive fishing lakes. If you’re looking for a real bachelor experience, get yourself a lakeside cabin and stay the night.

Atlantic City – The Gambler

The best way to celebrate tying your finances with someone is to squander a ton of money for no good reason. And what better place to do it than America’s Playground – Atlantic City. Home to a glitzy gambling scene, this resort town is the perfect place to hit the tables and try your luck. We know that you already hit the jackpot, but hey, those diamond earrings aren’t gonna buy themselves.

There are countless slot machines and table games to choose from. After the usual slot machine warmup, you’ll have a range of Baccarat, Roulette, and Texas Hold ‘Em tables to try out. The best places to break the bank are The Borgata, Tropicana, and Ocean Resort Casino.

Atlantic City skyline at night

The centerpiece of the city is, of course, the iconic Boardwalk. This oceanside marvel boasts casinos, five-star restaurants, and countless other attractions. The scenic beach is just a step away, offering a plethora of water sports and fun activities. 

Atlantic City is also famous for its fighting spectacles. Back in the golden era of boxing, the city hosted some of the sport’s most legendary fights. More recently, Atlantic City was home to a number of UFC bouts. If you and your fellas love watching a good brawl, make sure to check the calendar for an upcoming event.

And for your jackpot trifecta, hit the water for some of the best fishing the East Coast has to offer. The sheltered waters of Absecon Bay are teeming with Flounder, Fluke, and even Striper in winter months. The wrecks and reefs offer large numbers of Tautog, Sharks, and Bluefish. And if you really want to catch a monster, head to the canyons and go for some giant Bluefin Tuna or Blue Marlin.

Boston – The Culture Guy

One of the nation’s richest metropolitan areas is also one of its most cultured. Did you know that almost 50% of Bostonians have a bachelor’s degree? (No pun intended.) Degrees aside, the city has an immense wealth of culture to offer, thanks in part to its eventful history, as well as a vibrant artistic scene.

a skyline of Boston, Massachusetts

Many of you may think that a cultural excursion is too boring for a bachelor party trip. Then again, many of you have probably never been to Beantown. Known as the capital of the New England states, Boston played a key part in the American Revolution. 

Speaking of, the best way to relive Boston’s eventful history is by walking the Freedom Trail. This 2.5-mile walk will take you down cobbled streets and past some of the most iconic cultural landmarks that tell the story of the nation’s creation.

Other cultural landmarks include The Museum of Fine Arts, The Symphony Hall, and of course, Fenway Park, the home of the Red Sox. That’s a lot of old buildings, we know. If these get a little overwhelming, head over to The Public Garden, America’s first public botanical garden.

Food is a key part of a town’s culture, and don’t let Bostonians hear you say otherwise. If you’re a non-believer, head down to the Waterfront and get a bowl of local clam chowder – you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Home to one of the oldest commercial fisheries in the country, Boston has had a long tradition of pulling fish out of the sea. You’ll find no shortage of expert fishing guides in the area, many of them specializing in bachelor fishing trips. From Cow Stripers and Flounder in Boston Harbor, to giant Bluefin and Mako Sharks offshore, Boston has a fish with your name on it.

Darwin – The Adventurist

The Land Down Under is a perfect venue for an adventure, and now that your bachelor party is up, you have the ideal excuse to make it happen. The best place to start your undertaking is the city of Darwin. A melting pot of Australian and Southeast Asian influence, the charm of Australia’s smallest capital doesn’t stop in its streets. With the Timor Sea to the north, and the massive Kakadu National Park to the southeast, Darwin’s true beguile lies in its wilderness.

A couple of hours drive from Darwin, Kakadu National Park is a natural wonder like no other. This place is almost twice the size of the state of Maryland, so don’t get your hopes up about exploring it all in one take. As you and your buddies wander about, you’ll come up close and personal with Australian crocodiles, wallabies, dingos, and a number of other wild animals. You’ll also see picturesque waterfalls, serene billabongs and rivers, as well as caves and rocks with Aboriginal paintings.

a crocodila in Kakadu National Park leaps out of the water trying to catch a bird in its flight

Around 50 miles north of Darwin, you’ll find a chain of tropical islands, known as the Tiwi Islands. Boasting lush rainforests and white sand beaches, these sparsely inhabited islands are an adventure-lover’s paradise.

Darwin’s wild backdrop is hard to beat. Still, that doesn’t mean that the town itself doesn’t have its fair share of bachelor-friendly attractions. Darwin has a number of bayside restaurants offering the freshest local seafood. The Waterfront has a number of shops where you’ll find the perfect souvenir for the Mrs. And if you want to beat the heat, Mindil Beach and Wave Cove have everything you need for a relaxing cooldown.

Dry season is the best time for a bluewater adventure. You and the guys will have your hands full of Longtail Tuna, Queenfish, Giant and Golden Trevally, and Sailfish. If you’d like to stay closer to shore, you’ll have a bunch of Coral Trout, Nannygai, and Spanish Mackerel to keep you busy. But if you want to experience what fishing in Darwin is most famous for, head inland for the hottest Barramundi bite in the country.

San Diego – The Record Chaser

You like fishing. If you didn’t, you probably wouldn’t be reading this. Still, you know very well that there are levels to this thing. Some people like to wet the line once a year, catch a few Reds, and call it a day. Others like to fish in a scenic backdrop, to enjoy the waters with their friends and catch a few keepers along the way. And then there are the hardcore anglers. The guys that think about hooking their next monster as soon as they get back ashore.

If you’re one of those guys, and you have a group of buddies that are the same, you probably don’t care much for beaches and bars for your bachelor party. Your perfect bachelor fishing trip is the kind where you’ll be chasing the fish of a lifetime. Luckily, America’s Finest City has just what you need. These are the San Diego long range fishing trips.

Ranging from just a three-day outing to a three-week all-out adventure, there’s a lot of variety with a long range fishing trip. Still, what all these trips have in common is the pursuit of giant, hard-fighting fish. These include Bluefin and Yellowfin Tuna, Yellowtail Amberjack, as well as Wahoo, Mahi, and even Sharks. 

a great white shark chasing smaller fish underneath a large vessel near coronado island

The creature comforts on these trips are second to none. From five-star restaurant food to comfortable quarters, you and your buddies will have everything you need after a hard day of reeling. For those of you interested in making your bachelor party an all-out big game fishing excursion, we’ve written at length about San Diego long range fishing.

The Sybarite

Who wouldn’t like five-star service for their bachelor party trip? Having the morning catch prepared by your personal chef sure sounds nice. And just like some of us can’t live without this luxury, some places are just made for you to enjoy it.

an oceanside park on Lizard Island

This list is a little different, because everyone likes to enjoy luxury in a different way. With that in mind, we’ll throw a few luxury bachelor party fishing ideas your way:

  • Jacó, Costa Rica – Five-star resorts and restaurants, as well as epic Roosterfish, Yellowfin, and Blue Marlin fishing. 
  • Lizard Island, Queensland – Luxury oceanside villas, helicopter rides over the Great Barrier Reef, and monster Black Marlin
  • North Vancouver Island, British Columbia – All-inclusive fishing lodges, accessible only by seaplane.

And Many More

There are a ton of other places you can choose for your bachelor party fishing trip. As long as you go fishing, you’re good in our book. And yes, we are aware that we might have caused you to ponder whether you’re an adventurist or a gambler. You’re at about to get married, so you might as well try to figure that out now. 

If anything, you’ve now come to realize that going fishing for your bachelor party makes more sense than the old booze cruise. And if anyone gives you grief about going fishing for your bachelor party, feel free to show them this list.

friends jumping on a beach during sunset, a perfect way to end a bachelor party fishing trip

Your turn. What do you think of our picks? Would you like to have your bachelor party fishing trip in one of these places? Let us know in the comments below.

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