The Best Fishing Towns in Each US State in 2024

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Fishing is one of America’s favorite activities. While some enjoy catching their own dinner, others see it as a spiritual experience. As each state in the US boasts solid fishing, it’s not always easy to choose where to go.

A proud angler posing for a camera with a big Red Snapper caught while fishing nearshore in Texas during the summer angling season

To help you decide, we at FishingBooker dug into our data to find out the best towns in most US states. Below, we’ll explain the methodology behind the study and share the ranking of the top fishing towns across 38 US states.


We selected 6 criteria based on FishingBooker’s internal data from over 100,000 fishing trips and related reviews and reports in the past year. The criteria are:

  • Number of available fishing charters
  • Average review score
  • Average recommended score
  • Number of guides with the Angler’s Choice Award (FishingBooker’s award for the top guides on the platform)
  • Number of bookings
  • Minimum price of a fishing trip

All of the above criteria were taken from the past year alone. We also made sure that there was at least one booking in the location in the last 365 days. Because of this, we couldn’t make meaningful rankings for 12 out of 50 states, so they have not been included in the study.

Using the accumulated data, we scored each location in each state between 1 and 10 points for each of the 6 criteria, based on groups of 10 percentiles for each point increase. This means that the maximum number of points a location could get was 60. Importantly, we only compared each location to other locations in the same state, and not to all locations in the country.

This is how we got the ultimate list of the best places in each state, ranked from best to worst.

Top Fishing Town in Each State

In the table below, you’ll find the top-ranking town for each state. In Colorado and Massachusetts, two towns shared the top spot! If you want to see the full rankings for each state, you can do so here.

LocationStatePoints total
Orange BeachAlabama52
Hot SpringsArkansas44
San DiegoCalifornia55
Columbine & LovelandColorado39
New OrleansLouisiana50
Ocean CityMaryland53
Gloucester & DennisMassachusetts53
Traverse CityMichigan59
RyeNew Hampshire35
Cape MayNew Jersey53
New York CityNew York54
WancheseNorth Carolina58
Lakeside MarbleheadOhio55
NarragansettRhode Island55
Hilton Head IslandSouth Carolina49
Heber CityUtah43
Virginia BeachVirginia53

Now that you’ve got this list to inspire you, where are you going fishing next?

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Joris swam into Balkan waters in 2015 and was permanently hooked. Although not a frequent angler himself, he loves helping others to find their next fishing adventure.

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Jul 12, 2024

What is the suggestion for Vermont?

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  • Tanya

    Jul 12, 2024

    Hi Doug, thanks for reading our blog and reaching out. While we didn’t have enough relevant data for Vermont to include it in this list, we can tell you that all the bookings we processed for Vermont in the past year went to Vergennes and Burlington. So, if you’re looking for a good starting point in Vermont for fishing, give it a try with either Vergennes or Burlington, and take it from there. Hope this helped. Let us know how it went. Tight lines!

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