Captain Spotlight – April 2021
Apr 21, 2021 | 5 minute read
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Spring is finally here, and that means that fishing has started to heat up in a big way. This March, we saw epic catches pile up like never before. At the center of it all? You guessed it – captains creating life-lasting memories as only they know how. In this edition of Captain Spotlight, we’re giving props to the best stories from last month.

A charter fishing boat with the famous arch of Cabo San Lucas in the background

The Secret Stuff

When James and his girlfriend booked their Cabo fishing trip, they didn’t exactly have high expectations. According to James, the trip they booked seemed a little on the cheap side compared to what he was used to in the US.

Little did they know what Captain Johnny of BlueSea Sportfishing had in store for them. To set things up, Johnny first advised James to move the trip from the afternoon to morning. The savvy captain knew that the bite was expected to slow down later in the day, and he didn’t want to take his customers on just a boat ride.

They wouldn’t be alone, though. According to James, as many as 50 boats were trolling the same area. Only, nobody seemed to be catching anything. Apart from James and this girlfriend, that is. With eight Sierra Mackerel and a Bonito in the bag, it was clear that captain Johnny had an ace up his sleeve.

a husband and wife posing on a fishing boat in Cabo San Lucas, each holding two mackerel fish in their hands

As James put it: “I won’t reveal Johnny’s secret, but I’ll tell you I plan to try to employ it when freshwater fishing back home. It’s incredible, handmade by him, I’ve never seen anything like it, and other boat captains wanted to buy it from him…

Now that’s what they call a trade secret!

Too Many to Count

They say “It’s fishing, not catching” for a reason. But if you had the experience Leonard recently had aboard Argo Sportfishing in San Francisco, we’d forgive you for thinking otherwise. Going out with his two sons and a couple of friends, Leonard was content to sit back and watch his kids enjoy the action. The thing was, there was plenty of action for everyone on board, and then some!

The crew switched between three locations, finding the bite in each one. As Leonard’s eldest son said: “I’ve caught more fish today than I’ve had in my entire life of fishing.” 

two young anglers, each holding two fish on a fishing boat near San Francisco

When it was all said and done, the tally was: Four Browns, one Leopard Shark, five Rays, five Halibut and 20 Bass. That’s 35 landed fish and multiple species crossed off the bucket list!

One for the Textbook

It’s not always easy taking first-timers out. From the moment you receive the inquiry to the moment you’re back on the dock, there’s a lot to think about and explain. On the flip side, fishing with first-time anglers could arguably be the most rewarding experience you can have as a guide. 

As long as you communicate and set expectations, the actual experience of being on the water and learning how to fish will be more than enough for a memorable outing for the customer. But every once in a while, the stars will align and a trip like the one Michael had with his family will come along.

“I had never booked a private fishing charter before, but Captain Tyler and his First Mate made our first time a great experience from the pre-booking communication all the way through the end of our trip”, Michael said.

an angling family posing with their catch at the marina in Destin

“I wasn’t sure which option to book originally as I wasn’t familiar with the styles of fishing, and he recommended the bottom fishing trip based on what I had said was important to me.”

The recommendation must’ve been spot on because, in the end, the family counted over 120 fish caught! Not too shabby for the first time.

One, Two, Three… 31 Sailfish!

Fishing with veteran anglers can be just as rewarding as taking newbies out. Just ask Captain Anthony of Keen M Sportfishing. This March, Anthony took out long-time angler Joe and his friends for some Sailfish around Isla Mujeres. 

Joe, an old salt with almost 50 years of offshore fishing experience, was certainly not a customer that’s easily impressed. But this was to be that day. After a day and a half on the water, the tally was 31 Sailfish, with 25 on day one alone. Yes, you read that right!

images from a Sailfish fishing trip

The thing is, it wasn’t the number of catches that impressed Joe so much. It was the crew:

“This isn’t a paid political announcement… I have never seen a team work so well as Anthony and his two mates did… thanks guys for a trip we’ll be talking about forever!”

The smiles on the anglers’ faces say it all.

A Bull of a Lifetime

Even in the legendary waters of Key West, catching fish isn’t always guaranteed. It takes a good guide to hit the right spots, nail the timing and demonstrate the proper techniques for a customer to truly experience the wonder of this place. Luckily for Curt and his wife, Captain Damon Santelli is one of those guides. 

After catching a variety of species during the first part of their trip, Captain Damon asked his guests if they’d like to mix it up with some big game. “There was no way we were going to say no to that option,” Curt proclaimed. 

When it was all said and done, the pair ended up catching a huge Cobia, and a behemoth 300+ lb Bull Shark! But again, it wasn’t the fact that they caught the fish, but the captain’s attitude that impressed the anglers the most.

images from a fishing trip in Key West, one with a man and woman holding a Redfish, one with a large Bull Shark, and one with the captain posing while the angler fights the fish

He was so pumped for me when I got on a nice Cobia and brought that in, and then it seemed like he made it his personal mission for me to be able to reel in a shark, Curt said. 

“After hooking a couple of fails in the line, he changed out to a different line and I was ultimately able to bring a Bull Shark. He definitely went the extra mile for us and will for you too. Thanks Captain Damon.

Captain or customer, you really can’t ask for much more than that.

A Spring for the Ages 

It’s been a while since we were able to enjoy spring fishing to the fullest. But with so many memorable outings behind us already, this spring season is on track to be one of the best in recent memory. 

Whether it’s helping customers earn their angling stripes or watching them tick off trophies from  the bucket list, the FishingBooker community continues to provide customers with experiences of a lifetime. As we look forward to what the season will bring, we’ll do our best to send more customers your way!

Do you have any recent fishing stories to share? What was your best catch this month? Let us know, we always like to hear from you!

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