Captain Spotlight – August 2019
Sep 17, 2019 | 4 minute read
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Last month, thousands of customers got to go fishing through FishingBooker. And the success of each one of these trips was down to the crew they fished with. With dreams being made and personal bests being broken on a daily basis, we wanted to give a shout out to some of the captains who went the extra mile for their clients last month.

Here’s a rundown of some of our highlights from the latest reviews and fishing reports. 

Trophy with fish and captain spotlight caption

Bucket List Birthday – Dana Point, California

Heather from California gave her mom the ultimate birthday gift last month – a fishing trip near San Diego. And even though bad weather meant the trip got rescheduled, when mom and daughter finally got on the water, they had a trip they’ll never forget.

Communicating about the best time to fish, helping set up the lines and bait the hooks, and making sure everyone on board was having a great time… Just another day’s work for Captain Russ from Seaworthy Charters. But, really, it was much more than that.

As Heather reported in her review: “My mom has been bugging me to go deep sea fishing because it was on her bucket list. I finally gave in and booked a trip for her birthday. […] I would do it again in a heartbeat. My mom caught her birthday fish and couldn’t be happier.” 

Cindy, Heather’s mom, wrote: “Thanks to Capt Russ for the perfect day, it was greatly appreciated and look forward to going again!” 

Lady smiling and holding a fish
Heather’s mom with a beautiful Bass – her first ocean fish!

Personal Best Sturgeon – Chilliwack, British Columbia

This group of young anglers got hooked up on a real monster fish with Chad and Brandon from Mainlanders Sport Fishing last month. This giant 10’ 6” White Sturgeon weighed a whopping 600 pounds – it’s crazy to think there are monsters like this in the peaceful waters of the Fraser River Canyon!

Simply catching a fish this big takes real skill. But putting your customers on these dinosaurs is something else. Kudos, Chad!

Group of anglers in the water with a big sturgeon
Now, that’s what we call a fish of a lifetime.

Barracuda Dreams Come True – Marathon, Florida

Back in the US, in the Florida Keys, customers with Manicsportfishing had one request on a four-hour charter. Simple: To catch a Barracuda bigger than 24 inches.

Now, this young angler got his wish. But while his dream came true, he also learned an important life lesson. Captain Gregory reports:

“After 20 minutes and no luck the little guy looked defeated. I called him into the Air Conditioning and said, ‘We never give up.’ Literally 1 minute later, bang – a 29” Barracuda! Thank you fish gods, this little guy is hooked on this amazing sport and learned to never give up!”

Taking kids fishing is about so much more than teaching them how to catch a fish. These are lessons that will stick with you through thick and thin!

Young boy holding a barracuda in front of a fish board
Here’s proof that persistence really does pay off

Gavito Grabs a Grander – Calheta, Madeira

Did you know you can catch Billfish just a couple of miles from the dock in Madeira? But even in places like this, it’s not every day you catch a Grander. Graham Venters and his crew at Gavito – Big Game Fishing put their client on a huge Blue Marlin on their recent full day trip. Best of all, the crew released this magnificent animal safely, so it will fight another day!

Skipper Graham reported: “We had seen the strike and knew that we had a big fish on the line, but did not at that stage know just how big. The fight took about 1.75 hours and we measured the fish at about 13.5 feet in length and about 50 inches half girth. This meant that the fish was about 1,000–1,300 pounds.”

Graham reports that this is just one of the several outstanding fish to grace his boat in the last few months. They’ve hooked up on several Blues over 600 pounds, with 800 and 1,000 pounds being the biggest catches. Looks like we’ll be packing our bags to go to Madeira soon!

Huge Marlin in the water next to a boat
Now that’s a fish that’s more than worth a flight to a beautiful island!

A fishing trip is nothing without a friendly and knowledgeable guide. And that’s where we’re proud to work with captains who go out of their way on a daily basis to make someone’s day.

Which trips have stood out for you recently? Share your stories below. Or, upload a fishing report!

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