Captain Spotlight – August 2020
Mar 12, 2021 | 5 minute read
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This month, it’s all about flexibility! We’re shining a light on captains who went the extra mile so their customers could still enjoy their day, no matter the obstacle. There’s been seafood allergies, unpredictable weather, and plenty more to contend with. Let’s delve in and see what’s been going on.

An “Awesome” First-Time Private Charter – Patriot Charters

Image shows a woman holding a large Redfish on board Patriot Charters

Justin and his wife usually fish on shared charters. This month, they decided to try out a private fishing experience in Port Canaveral. They chose Patriot Charters to lead them on their adventure. From Justin’s review, we can see that it was the right decision!

From the moment this couple met Captain Tony, he was friendly, attentive, and completely customer-focused. On the journey out to the fishing spots, Justin writes, “my wife decided to take a nap. [Captain Tony] kept double checking with me asking if she was okay.” 

Captain Tony not only made sure his guests were comfortable and happy. He also helped them hook a personal best Kingfish. It was “the biggest fish we’ve ever caught,” says Justin! They also managed to reel in (and throw back) some not-so-tasty Remora, and Justin’s wife even battled with a Red Snapper, “[the] biggest fish [she’s] ever caught.”

Although they booked a full day out on the water, Captain Tony was more than happy to tailor the trip to suit his guests’ wishes. “We talked with Captain Tony about making it a half day,” Justin writes. “He agreed. The fish weren’t biting that day.” Captain Tony was just as hospitable when they returned to shore. He filleted their King Mackerel for them, and recommended a restaurant where they could have it fried up. 

When the cook found out they’d been fishing with Patriot Charters, he said, “Oh yeah. Tony is awesome and knows his stuff,” Justin reports, adding that he and his wife couldn’t agree more. Neither can we!

A Real Hands-On Adventure – Capt Charlies Fishing Charters

A young boy holds a large Redfish on board Captain Charlies Fishing Charters

When Katie and her family booked a trip with Capt Charlies Fishing Charters in Cape Coral, she admits that she had some reservations. “We’ve been on other fishing charters and didn’t have much success,” she writes. “So we had really hoped this would be different. And it was!”

Katie has two sons, ages 11 and 14, who are fishing fanatics. In the past, they were worried that they wouldn’t “really get to fish by being able to cast their own lines” on a charter adventure. This wasn’t an issue with Captain Charlie, though. He “showed them how to do it correctly and really let them experience it all – guiding them as he needed to along the way.”

So what did Charlie’s customer-focused approach result in? Plenty of fish, of course! “We caught Snapper, Snook, and Drum, and my boys had a blast!” Katie writes. Captain Charlie even raised the stakes by introducing a bet on who could catch a fish measuring fish measuring 35 inches or more.

Katie notes that he was “personable, so knowledgeable, and friendly.” According to her son, he was “so chill,” which we all know translates to a great guide in adult terms!

Katie says that, as a family, they usually try to vacation in different spots each year – but it’s going to be tough to beat their day on the water with Captain Charlie. “I wouldn’t be surprised if my boys talk me into a second trip with Charlie sometime soon,” she says. We think it would be a return trip well worth taking!

Willing to Wait Out the Storm – Salty Rods Charters

A collage of two images that show a mother and her son holding two large fish and smiling on board Captain Bubba's Charters

Summertime in Galveston, TX, doesn’t always mean high temperatures and sunshine. Krysta witnessed this first-hand on her fishing adventure with Salty Rods Charters! “Our trip was delayed for three hours because of heavy storms and lightning,” she writes.

This could have easily spelled plenty of wasted time or even a canceled trip for Krysta and her family. However, owners Bubba and Cheryl went the extra mile to help these customers reel in some fish, despite the circumstances.

“Salty Rods were so gracious and willing to wait the storms out to get us out on the water,” Krysta says. “They kept me updated the day before our trip so we knew what to expect.” While Krysta and her family were waiting, they even got to wet a line. “Bubba was helping my kids fish off the pier and treating us like we were already on the charter.”

Going the extra mile obviously comes naturally to Salty Rods Charters – this excellent customer service extended to the fishing trip itself. As Krysta puts it, “Once the storms passed and we were able to get out on the water, we had a great time!”

Along with deckhand Keith, Captain Bradley made sure that Krysta and her boys experienced an unforgettable day out on the water – for all the right reasons.

“They made it such an enjoyable trip! They kept a fishing pole in our hands and bait on the hooks the whole time, and we caught a big variety of fish,” Krysta says. This team’s flexibility and dedication to going the extra mile means that Krysta is definitely planning on a return visit. We can see why!

A Seafood Allergy? No Problem! – Gonna Miss Her Fishing Charters

A collage showing two images, on the left a man holds a Shark, on the right a woman is pictured with a Whiting held in front of her

Have a seafood allergy? Going on a fishing trip is probably one of the last things on your mind. So what to do if you’re a keen angler? Well, hop aboard a charter with Gonna Miss Her Fishing Charters and the impossible soon becomes a reality. Take it from customer Liz!

Captain Pat, the man behind Gonna Miss Her Fishing Charters, is known for his flexibility. Arrive at the marina early? He’ll encourage you to hop aboard his vessel and get a few extra minutes of fishing time in. He’s determined that no obstacle will stop his guests from having an amazing day out on the water. This was especially clear during Liz’s trip.

“Capt. Pat would put the bait on the hook, take the fish off the hook, and even clean our catch,” Liz writes in her review. “For me personally, having a seafood allergy, this was a huge asset. Otherwise, I couldn’t have fished.”

But fish she did – and with some impressive results! “We caught and cooked lots of Whitling, tossed back two small Trout, not-so-yummy Catfish, several Shark, and even a Stingray. [Capt. Pat] was so fun and easy to talk to and learn from. I would hire him again in a heartbeat.”

So there you have it – even this obstacle wasn’t enough to keep Liz from casting a line in July, thanks to Captain Pat’s excellent customer service. If this month has been about flexibility and beating the odds, what better note to end it on? Liz says it herself: “What an adventure! Thanks for one of the best days ever, Capt. Pat!” 

Storms, seafood allergies, first-time charter experiences…what a month! This month has shown that being flexible and working alongside customers can result in some seriously unforgettable angling adventures. We can’t wait to hear more stories about outstanding customer service and triumphing over adversity in your reviews and reports!

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