Captain Spotlight: Fall 2021
Oct 27, 2021 | 4 minute read
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a smiling couple holding a large Bull Redfish on Captain Buddy's Charter in Hilton Head, SC

Summer may be over, but you wouldn’t know it by the catches these captains are putting up. From birthday excitements to customers’ personal records, this fall already has a boatload of thrills in the books. Let’s give a shout out to some of the most prolific captains from the last couple of months.

King of the River

Anglers from all over the world flock to Kenai River to experience its legendary Salmon fishery. Thousands have passed through these waters, and for nearly forty years, this place has been Captain Dean Schlehofer’s office. And in it, he’s made countless anglers’ dreams come true.

For Randy and his friend, this September was the perfect opportunity to take their dads on a Silver Salmon run. On board Captain Dean’s King of the River, the four anglers had a field day. The sheer size of the Cohos they landed would make any angler’s mouth water. Throw in the picture-perfect scenery that is the Kenai River, and you’ve got a recipe for a lifelong memory.

Two smiling anglers on a fishing boat on the Kenai River, each holding a Salmon

We took home 9 Silvers with smiles for days,” Randy said. It doesn’t get much better than that!

First Time’s the Charm

Guiding a mixed group of first timers and experienced anglers can be difficult. You’ve got to keep everyone busy and entertained, which can be challenging. Unless you’ve missed the memo like Captain Juan Alfredo, that is.

Aboard Cabo Sportfishing Crew – Blue Tail, Juan Alfredo gave Shane and his wife what they called “the most amazing day of fishing they’ve ever had.” It takes just one look at their catch to see that they weren’t exaggerating.

Shane’s wife turned her first ever saltwater cast into a beautiful Mahi. The pair landed four of them within the first hour of fishing. And to wrap up the day, Shane got a magnificent 150 lb Marlin.

38 inches, 42 inches… 43 inches!

Hilton Head Island is renowned for its inshore fishing. Still, what Richard and his wife experienced on Captain Buddy’s charter tops even the most optimistic of expectations. 

The action caught fire quickly, with a good sized Bonnet Shark for Richard’s wife. Soon after, the reel screamed again, and Captain Buddy said what everybody wanted to hear, “Bull Red!” 

Hilton Head Bulls are known for their fight, and Richard’s wife learned all about it. After an arm-wrenching fight, and with Captain Buddy by her side, she pulled a 38” keeper aboard. But as Richard said, “Who knew that this would be the smallest of the afternoon?!”.

a smiling couple holding a large Bull Redfish on Captain Buddy's Charter in Hilton Head, SC

Before the day was over, the pair landed a 42” and a 43” Bull, rounding off a day to remember.

‘Bama Catch of a Lifetime

October fishing in Orange Beach is well known for its nearshore species. In fact, this is what led James and his dad to fly down to the Gulf Coast for a trip with Great Southern Fishing Charters.

But after an action-packed run with Mangrove Snapper and Triggerfish, the seasoned father and son duo got something extra special. 

With Captain Ben Knight at the helm, James’s dad found himself hooked up with his lifetime dream fish – a monster Sailfish! This was going to be an epic battle.

But as James explained it: “The odds of boating that monster with inshore gear was minimal. Thanks to Capt Ben’s meticulous care of his gear and expert knowledge of the boat, and the old man’s angling skill, we got it done!” We’ll let the picture say the rest:

father and son holding a large Sailfish on Great Southern Fishing Charters out of Orange Beach, AL

A 60th Birthday Present

Sometimes, good things take a little effort to realize. When Britt wanted to organize a fishing trip for himself, things weren’t looking too promising. Thankfully, with a little help from Captain Mike Kayrouz, they managed to get everything lined up so that Britt could make his cast on September 20, which was his 60th birthday.

I haven’t been feeling good and I was in a lot of pain. He understood and he provided solutions for everything. I ended up going on my 60th birthday as scheduled and it was the best day of my life.

a smiling angler holding a Redfish Captain Mike’s Back Bay Charters in Cape Coral, FL

Fishing the fish-filled mangroves around Cape Coral, Britt found himself battling a seriously powerful Redfish. “By the time the fish was on the floor of the boat, I literally dropped the pole from exhaustion, overwhelmed with joy.” If that’s not the perfect birthday, we don’t know what is.

Just as Hot as Summer

With fall fishing inspiring so many angling feats already, it’s like summer never ended. These captains’ stories are just the tip of the iceberg, and we’re sure that you’ve had plenty of success yourself.  

That’s why this time, we’re inviting you to share your own adventures. Send us your photos and tell us about your achievements for the chance to be featured in the next edition of the Captain Spotlight. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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