Captain Spotlight – September 2020
Mar 12, 2021 | 6 minute read
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Life may be unpredictable right now, but that doesn’t mean fishing trips have to be that way too! This month, we’re celebrating captains who nailed communication and managed their customers’ expectations even before they were on the boat. Thanks to their clarity and warmth, their customers came aboard with a great impression – which the captains more than lived up to.

Here are some of our customers’ stories, and the captains who made them happen.

The Best Graduation Present

A young fisherman in a cap and sunglasses standing on a boat, holding a big Amberjack with water in the background

Troy wanted to celebrate his oldest son’s graduation by giving him the best present there is – fishing with pros. COVID-19 meant that Troy’s son “lost his senior baseball season, his prom, and the chance to enjoy the second half of his senior year.” So, he said, “we wanted to have a nice memory for him.” And what a memory this turned out to be, thanks to Captain Blake and Bill Busters.

Kay and Freeda, the charter operators, heard how important this trip was, and went the extra mile to make it unforgettable. Even hurricane Hannah didn’t manage to rain on their parade! They rescheduled the trip for a safer date and had their three-man crew take Troy and his son out.

King Mackerel, a Shark, and a big 30 lb Amberjack were all on the menu. And just when they thought they were done for the day, they found a school of Mahi Mahi. Troy mentioned that “…it took the whole crew to keep the lines in the water while we were pulling them in left and right.”

Troy was amazed by the crew’s dedication. Even though the trip was extended for no extra fee, he wrote that “never once did we hear a complaint or feel as though we were a burden even though we stayed a little longer than originally scheduled. All we heard was how happy the crew was that we were able to catch as much fish as we did.”

Even though Troy’s son missed his graduation, the flexibility, kindness, and professionalism of the Bill Busters team made this fishing expedition truly special. A little bit of extra effort goes a long way – and Bill Busters know it!

A Personable Approach

Two anglers standing on a boat holding a massive Sailfish, with water in the background

Gavin knew he’d made the right choice to book with AAA Charters as soon as he met Captain Carlos. Stopping by the marina in Puerto Aventuras the day before the trip, he was greeted with a preview of the boat and an overview of expectations for the day.

Gavin had only good things to say about the AAA team. “The crew, Capt. Heber and mates Mundo and Pablo were as knowledgeable, professional, and courteous as anyone I have met in the fishing world,” he wrote.

He was on the lookout for Sailfish and the hard-working crew made it happen. Then, the whole family enjoyed snorkeling while the crew put together fresh Mahi ceviche for an amazing lunch. Most importantly, they made sure that the lines were in the water until the very end of the trip.

As much as the fishing and snorkelling were highlights of the day, what stood out for Gavin was the crew’s personable approach and communication.

“I cannot speak more highly of this charter company or crew,” he concluded. “We left feeling not only that we had a great trip but that we had made friends for life!”

Denmark Boasts Hot Hot Fishing

This story comes from a small town called Hanstholm, right on the beautiful northern coast of Denmark, nestled on the North Sea. Here, on one sunny day in August, Captain Emil of Fishing Beyond had guests all the way from Berlin, Germany. According to his fishing report, they spent a grand day on the water, going after Cod, Ling, and Pollock.

With Moritz, Sandra, and beagle Maja on board, Emil made it his mission to put them on fish. And even though the waves weren’t exactly cooperating, neither the captain nor his anglers gave up. They fished several spots on their way to the Yellow Reef and, as the anglers got more comfortable, the bite improved.

The result? Some excellent Ling and Pollock, as well as a final stop for Atlantic Mackerel to put on the BBQ. From the looks of it, Captain Emil also caught some very happy return anglers!

It Takes a Grandma to Make a Fisherman

Grandfather and grandson holding a big Chinook Salmon with water and blue skies in the background

When your grandma is a fierce and experienced fisherwoman, chances are, you’ll fall in love with fishing all the more quickly. Still, Sandra had her work cut out for her because her youngest grandson, Jansen, wasn’t a fan of the sport. But one Salmon trip with Taymo Charters was enough to change that!

Sandra trusted Captain Jay to give Jansen the fishing bug, and she was right on the money. Even though the youngest angler on the boat wasn’t too happy at the beginning of the trip, that all changed when he hooked into a Salmon that was bigger than his grandma’s catch!

None of this could have happened without Captain Jay’s dedication and experience. Sandra said in her 5-star review that “Jay has patience beyond belief with two boys and constant chatter from grandma and questions from the boys.”

Providing the perfect introduction to fishing is a real art. As Sandra put it, “This trip was therapy for grandma and excitement and introduction to another part of life for the boys. Would highly recommend Taymo Charters any day anytime.”

Here’s to many more converted fishermen!

A New Bowfishing World Record in Ocean City

Two men holding bowfishing equipment and a couple of Needlefish while standing on a boat in nighttime

When Jesse and his brother joined Captain Greg for a night bowfishing trip, little did they know that they would become world record holders in the next several hours.

The Magic Bowfishing crew didn’t allow poor bowfishing conditions to ruin the trip. Instead, they started off by helping the brothers target a great variety of fish, including Needlefish, Houndfish, and Flounder.

However, the crown jewel of their adventure was a magnificent Butterfly Ray, which weighed a fantastic 204.30 pounds. This true mammoth, had a 7’ wingspan – an ultimate monster catch if there ever was one!

Neither Jesse, his brother, nor Capt. Greg imagined this was how their trip was going to turn out, but they’re all thrilled by their luck. The Bowfishing Association of America accepted their submission, so the brothers are now, officially, world record holders.

Congratulations to Jesse, his brother, and Capt. Greg on this catch of a lifetime!

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Bachelor Party

A group of friends with charter crew standing on a dock holding a big Bluefin Tuna hanged by the tail in between them

One of the more original ways to celebrate your bachelor party is to go fishing. That’s why John decided to organize an unforgettable angling experience for his soon-to-be-married brother. He got more than he could ever dream of on his full-day expedition with Captain TJ and Crunch Time Sport Fishing.

From the get-go, Captain TJ made sure the group knew what to expect. “T.J. is an awesome captain,” he wrote. “He was very up front with me about the conditions, and [the fact that] it was going to take a little luck for us to catch something significant.”

Despite that, the day was one for the books, thanks to the crew’s dedication and professionalism. “For the entire day, TJ and his first mate made it their personal mission to get something on the hook for my brother.” And get something they did, with this awesome Tuna!

Clearly, John picked the right charter for this occasion and Capt. TJ rose to the task and then some!

Top Catches in August

We know it’s called fishing, not catching, but sometimes the catch needs its time to shine, too. In the last full month of summer, there’s been no shortage of amazing fish. Here are the highlights.

Blue Marlin Catch and Release

500 lb Blue Marlin in clear blue waters with an angler keeping the fish on the fishing line

In August, the crew of Aquasares Offshore Fishing Charters came face-to-bill with a spectacular 500 lb Blue Marlin in Portugal. They snapped a quick photo of the breathtaking creature and then safely released it.

A Tuna for the Books

A fisherman sitting in the corner of a boat, holding the tail of a trophy 900 lb Tuna

In Gloucester, Massachusetts, a father and son hit the water with Morning Tauk Charters and landed a Bluefin Tuna the size of a grizzly bear. This monster weighed over 900 pounds and was 108 inches long!

A Permit of a Lifetime

A smiling angler with a cap and sunglasses holding a very big Permit fish

At a whopping 35.4 pounds, this phenomenal Permit stole the headlines aboard Reel Tight Fishing Charters from Sarasota in mid-August. What a beauty!

With changing plans, hurricanes, and top-notch catches, August was a busy month. Captains from all over the world stunned us with their flexibility, patience, and dedication to making their customers happy.

Do you have an experience you’d like to share? Let us know in your fishing reports and help your customers leave reviews!

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