Captain Spotlight – Summer 2021
Aug 25, 2021 | 4 minute read
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From youngsters catching their first fish to couples reconnecting with a rod and reel, the summer 2021 had family fishing written all over it. Seriously, you’d be hard pressed to keep up with all the angling feats the past few months have brought. 

At the center of it all are captains forging life-long memories like only they know how. Let’s give a shout-out to some of this summer’s most outstanding stories.

Cobia of the Year

With 5-foot swells and big winds howling around West Palm Beach, things weren’t looking too promising for Julie’s June family fishing day. But with Captain Austin’s expert advice, the family of four were able to nail the right time and place for an unforgettable outing.

“Even with the iffy conditions, we all caught fish. We had fun with an aerial show from a big Barracuda, reeled in a big Bonita and a few Kings,” Julie said. But that wasn’t even the best part.

The excitement of the day was bringing a 34 lbCobia in. Not the biggest on record but made the trophy board at the marina for largest Cobia this year!”

If that needs any explanation, check out the monster for yourself!

Your Biggest Catch? Let’s Put It to Use

When Paulie boarded her July fishing charter, she had no clue about the action her and her stepdad were in for. They were about to find out why the 6-hour Shark fishing trip is somewhat of a specialty aboard Rockstar Charter Fishing.

After no more than 5 minutes, Paulie pulled up a 33-35” fish. “The biggest I’ve ever caught,” she said. But then, Captain Jason declared, “That one will make good bait.”  Did he say bait? – Paulie couldn’t believe it.

Soon after, they were battling a Goliath Grouper that took all the muster they had. Eventually, however, the monster fish spit out the hook, bait and all. Still, the tally at the end of the day earned Paulie and her stepdad some serious bragging rights. “We landed Barracuda, Cobia and two big Sharks!” 

Just how big? Take a look.

Captain Jason and first mate Brett were knowledgeable, friendly and a huge help when pulling in those Sharks. I would recommend these guys any day of the week!

A Lot Can Fit in Half a Day

This June, Gulf Shores was home to another World Series Baseball tournament. For Clint and his family, a visit to the competition seemed like the perfect opportunity to try fishing in the ocean for the first time.

That’s no easy task, especially if you’re fishing with three kids. But with a crew like the one aboard Fishin Magician, the family already had an ace up their sleeve.

First mate Bryant taught us to drop our lines, helped re-bait, and even how to reel them in.” Clint said. “Even after some broken lines, a ‘rats nest’ and lost bait, Bryant was patient and kind.

The family wasn’t quite at their limit of Red Snapper, but Captain Frankie knew just what to do. He took them to another spot, and it was game-on all over again. 

It was very exciting. We even got to see some dolphins!

They rounded things off with some trolling which got them a nice Kingfish and even a Tuna. Not bad for a half day trip!

“We had an awesome trip that we’ll never forget and hope to return soon. Thanks Fishin’ Magician!!”

First Timers Making It Look Easy

Born and raised on the banks of Lake Erie, Captain Jamie is no stranger to filling the cooler for his guests. Over the years, the prolific captain of Riptide Fishing Charters has built up quite a reputation. So when Stacy wanted to book a trip for her husband, brother, and nephews, she knew just where to look.

This might have been the group’s first time fishing, but you sure wouldn’t have guessed it from their catch! Under Captain Jamie’s watchful eye, the four guys caught Walleye after Walleye, earning themselves a nice dinner at the end.

They worked hard and made sure we had an awesome first time experience,” Stacy’s brother reported. When their half day excursion was over, the men were left with a full cooler, and a no-less impressive sunset on Lake Erie. 

Honeymoon in Costa Rica

You’d think that a trip to Costa Rica with the woman of your dreams would be plenty for a life-long memory. But as it turns out, Rainbow Bass are a jealous breed. So much so, that this 8-pounder decided to show up right when Nicholas and his wife were enjoying their day on the water.

Fishing on the beautiful Lake Arenal, the newlyweds made quick work of several smaller Rainbows, before the 8 lb whopper showed. With Captain Marc’s guidance, Nicholas was able to land the fish, adding a stripe to what was already a memorable journey.

“A fish and memory of a lifetime,” he called it. Of course, this wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for the captain.  

“I highly recommend fishing with Marc. Works hard, knows the lake and best tactics to put you on fish. The volcano backdrop is a nice touch too.”

We sure can’t disagree with that!

A Summer to Remember

With so many angling memories made, you’d seriously need a book to do them all justice. One thing’s for sure, though. By the time next summer rolls along, all these lucky families will give it another go!

And now, let’s hear from you. What are some angling feats you’re most proud of? Got any FishingBooker reviews you’d like to share? Drop us a comment below!

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