Change of Plan? No Problem
Sep 8, 2020 | 3 minute read
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FishingBooker’s recent study into customer satisfaction showed us how much customers value up-to-date information. But sometimes, meeting expectations just isn’t that easy – especially if there’s a change of plan you simply can’t control. 

This quick guide shows you how to react to changes quickly and keep your customers satisfied – no matter what the world throws at you. From updating your listing in a matter of minutes to adjusting payments on the water, we have you covered.

When Trips Are Cut Short

Weather, seasickness, slow fishing, and grumpy kids. Trips can be cut short for all sorts of reasons. And if you’re charging customers who came through FishingBooker less than what you originally agreed on, we don’t want you to lose out. The last thing we want to do is to take a commission that’s a larger slice of your earnings than it should be!

Remember, FishingBooker customers have already paid a deposit for the full trip amount. So, if you want to reduce the price, the customer should pay the remaining balance as if they paid FishingBooker the deposit for that new trip price.

Just make sure to let us know whenever this happens. We’ll then pay the customer back for the deposit they initially paid, so they won’t lose out, either.

When You Need to Change an Upcoming Booking

We get it. Sometimes, there’s just no other option but to reschedule or update a reservation that’s already in the books. But did you know you can now agree on this with your customer directly from your FishingBooker booking details?

Make a Change Request

If you need to change your trip date, start time, or group size, your best option is to make a trip change request. This will then give your customer the chance to accept your suggestion, and the trip will be automatically updated in our system. 

This only takes a few seconds, and means both you and your customer are completely clear about your trip’s new details. Learn how to do this here

Create a New Offer

If you need to change more details about your trip, but still want to take this customer fishing, you’ll need to cancel your trip and create a new offer. This will give your customer a tailor-made trip just for them, which they can then accept.

This is a great option if you want to offer your customer a discounted trip, or if you need to tailor-make a package specifically for them. See how it works:

When Your Setup Changes

But what about the big changes that you’ve been thinking about for months?

If you get a new boat or engine, or simply want to reduce the number of people who can go on your trips, update your FishingBooker listing to show this.

Update Your Listing Details

If there was a small change to your offer, you can update this on your listing right away by using the captain app

Pay attention to the following sections:

  • Basic info. This is where you edit your capacity, boat, and engine details. We’ll reflect any changes you make here in your main description within a couple of working days. 
  • Trips. Update your trip pricing by scrolling through your packages. Any changes you make will show up on your profile immediately. 
  • Photos. Customers pay a lot of attention to boat photos. So if anything changes to your offer, don’t forget to upload photos of your new look and remove anything that’s no longer relevant!

Create a New Listing 

If your charter has completely changed, you should create a new listing. Just don’t forget to unpublish the old one if it is no longer available!

Note that your reviews are linked to your listing – so when you make a new one, you need to start from scratch in building up your online reputation.

This is handy if you now offer a completely different type of fishing, and your old reviews are no longer valid. If your new service is similar to your old one, though, this could be a reason to simply update your details on your original listing.

Make sure you’re ready for anything by reviewing your listings and updating anything you need. This will help you make a great impression and be ready for any upcoming changes.

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