FishingBooker Captain News – September 2020
Sep 22, 2020 | 2 minute read
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Welcome to September’s Captain News! This month, we’re taking about:

  • How to set realistic customer expectations and ensure an enjoyable experience on the water
  • A new product update that allows you to edit your profile and account settings directly in the My Trips app
  • Our recent investigation into the impacts of COVID-19 on recreational fishing in the US
  • Highlights from this month’s reviews and reports, in the captain spotlight

Setting the Right Expectations

You won’t always catch a prize-winning fish, but you can still guarantee your customers a good time on the water. The key is to set realistic expectations. This can be especially challenging in today’s online world.

So, we talk through how to set expectations that will highlight what you do best, and which will make your customers ready for the whole experience you offer.

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Introducing your Profile in My Trips

You can now edit your profile and update all your account settings without ever leaving your My Trips app. Just install the My Trips update and you’ll be able to:

COVID-19’s Impact on Fisheries

We recently investigated COVID-19’s impacts on recreational fishing in the US. In our report, you’ll find out how captains, tackle shops, marinas, as well as state and federal bodies have adapted to these changes. Also, you’ll learn what they see as the long-term impact of coronavirus on fisheries.

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Captain Spotlight

Check out some of the awesome catches from this month in our Captain Spotlight section. You’ll read stories about captains who successfully adapted to challenging situations, excelled in customer communication, and managed their expectations before getting on the boat.

How did you like this month’s news? What would you like us to cover in a future edition? Let us know in the comments below.

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