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Mar 12, 2021 | 4 minute read
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Fishing reports are some of FishingBooker’s most visited pages – but most captains don’t know just how much value they bring. 

This month, we’re sharing why reports will boost your visibility next year. We’ll also cover six of our top tips for writing content that will grab your customers’ attention. Read on to find out more!

Boost Your Visibility

You know how customers usually find listings through our search pages? Well, there’s actually another channel. And this one can put you on top – however well you’re currently ranking. 

We’re talking about fishing report pages. 

These pages list all the latest reports in your area – and they get seen by thousands of visitors every week. What’s more, the most recent reports from every location, region, state, and country show up on each page linked with that destination, all at the same time! 

Recently, we updated the way these pages look and expect that soon they’ll attract even more potential customers. The reports themselves have also had a redesign, making customers more likely to see them and want to fish with you.

Add reports to your listing, and you’ll be ready to show your charter to a whole lot more people!

Six Ways to Grab Attention with Your Reports

It’s all very well getting seen, but what really affects your bottom line is whether or not these eyes turn into potential customers. Follow these tips, and your fishing reports could become one of the most important parts of your online marketing strategy. 

1: Post Regularly 

The more you post, the more you’ll get seen.

We recommend writing reports roughly every week. Posting more often can dilute the quality of the content you’re sharing, while irregular reports can make it hard for customers to know whether you’re still active. 

Any reports you posted in the last month will show up directly on your listing. So find your sweet spot and post at least once a month, and you’ll show up to your customers as relevant, active, and ready to fish.

2: Include Plenty of Photos

Photos hugely increase the appeal of your fishing reports. Even if you’re writing about technical parts of fishing, you’ll be able to attract new anglers with a great photo. Focus on big fish, happy customers, and as much light as possible, and your reports will really stand out.

Take videos while you’re guiding? Add these too. Remember to record your videos horizontally for the best outcome!

3: Tell a Story

If you think about it, every report is a story. Which is lucky, seeing as the human brain is wired to respond to storytelling.

Your report could be a story about a particularly good – or bad – fishing day. It could be a walkthrough of an unusual trip, some great customers, or even what happens when you go fishing for fun.

Keep people interested and unlock your story’s potential by:

  • Having a structure. Set the scene, outline who took part, and say how the action unfolded. 
  • Being detailed. Who was fishing, what did they catch?
  • Wrapping it up. What was the result of the trip? Was there a good fish dinner that night or are you already making plans for the next adventure?

4: Use Short Paragraphs

You may have noticed how professional blogs and websites often use really short sentences and paragraphs.

You haven’t? 

Well, try reading a big chunk of text on a screen. It can be very hard to keep your attention, even if it’s about a subject you find very interesting. 

This is because when we read on screens, we skim. And all across the internet, people have noticed that the less crowded the text is, the longer people will stay on the page and read it.

The same goes for fishing reports. Break up the text into short paragraphs, and you’ll immediately make it easier for people to read and engage with it. Three to four lines per paragraph is plenty!

5: Include a Call to Action 

A “call to action” is that small bit of text that encourages readers to take the next step and purchase a product – in your case, a fishing trip. 

Marketers would probably say that this is the most important part of a web page. Why? Because this is where you and the person you’re talking to make a commitment to each other. If you think about it, inviting people to take action is crucial for all types of human communication, both on and offline. 

Something as simple as signing off with “See you on the water” puts readers into the frame of mind of a customer. Psychologically, it prepares them to take the next step and choose a date to fish with you. It’s strange because it’s so simple, but it really makes a difference. 

Share Your Reports on Social Media

Once you’ve published your report, you can expand its reach even further. Every fishing report has a sharing button, which you can use to easily post to your Facebook or Twitter page.

This is a great way to keep your regular customers excited about fishing with you, too!

Do you have any tips for writing fishing reports? Share them in the comments below. And then boost your business by letting us know about your latest trips! 

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