How to Get Your Listing Ready for High Season
Feb 28, 2020 | 5 minute read
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Make your listing shine as much as your boat does!

High season’s almost upon us, and that means one thing: this is when your listing needs to count. There’s nothing worse than feeling obliged to accept a trip for last season’s prices, or even based on a setup that you don’t run any more. Here are our top tips for getting your listing up to date before the season kicks off for real.

Changing your trips

It’s super common to run trips that cost a different amount depending on the season or the year. Maybe you offer a discounted rate in low season, or your expenses have increased and your rates need to do so, too. But don’t worry – keeping your trips up to date is actually easier than you’d think.

How to update prices

You know how our team optimizes your listing so it’s more likely to get booked? Well, even if we already worked on your listing, you can still log in and change your trip prices. You can do this from the “manage” part of your listing. Check out how to get there here.

Once you’re in “manage trips,” scroll to the bottom of the page, past the “Title” and “Description” fields. Here, you’ll see the same options you had when you first created the trip. Simply enter your new price in the box, add the price of additional passengers where appropriate, and click “Save.” Remember that we offer a Best Price Guarantee, so your prices must be in line with what you advertise elsewhere!

How it looks to scroll past the locked content on the page.
Where and how to update trip prices

Find more details here:

How to update the trip duration

Just like with prices, you can change the trip length by scrolling past the trip title and description. All you need to do next is move the sliding bar (on mobile) or choose the duration from the drop-down menu (on a computer). If you want us to change the title of the trip to reflect the new length, simply let us know. See how below!

How to set up a seasonal trip

If you want to change when an existing trip can be booked, you can set seasonality for that particular package. Do this if one of your trips is only available at certain times of the year or days of the week, or if you have different prices depending on the season.

For example, if you have different pricing in the summer, you can duplicate your regular trip, update the pricing and availability to reflect the season on both trips, and set the pricing accordingly.

Here’s how that works:

  • Duplicate your regular trip:
Where and how to duplicate a trip
Annotated screenshot showing how to set a seasonal trip
  • Now, customers are only able to select the correct package for the date they’re searching for.

Changing boat details or amenities

You can log in any time and change details about your boat or the fishing you offer. If we’ve already optimized your listing, we’ll see these updates and make sure they’re reflected across the listing.

Updating your description

Once your listing has been updated by our team, the written content is locked for editing. This is because we write unique content for each listing to allow it to rank well on FishingBooker and elsewhere online.

Just because your listing’s content is locked, that doesn’t mean you can’t update or change it. Look out for the link to “request a change” next to your listing’s content.

Where and how to request a change to the content.

We check these requests regularly and will always make sure to address your wishes as soon as possible.

How to request a change to your content

The fastest way to change your content is to be as thorough as possible when sending us your request. Let us know exactly what you want to change, and we can implement it right away.

See an example of an effective trip change request:

Would like this trip name to read: 8 Hour Tower/Inshore (Late Departure Trip).

Would like the description to read as: Enjoy an 8 hour trip with a late departure for those of you who have a longer drive in the morning or children to get up. You will board at 8 am and head offshore 20 miles to one of the 3 Offshore Towers to target Amberjack, one of the ocean’s hardest pulling fish, by jigging. Barracuda, Trigger Fish, King Mackerel and other reef species will be targeted, and maybe even a Mahi in late summer months. Then we will return inshore to troll for Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish and sight fish for Cobia.

Here are a couple of examples of description change requests:

“Delete the word stupendous and add World Class in opening paragraph”

“I no longer have the 33’ Fountain. I traded it in for a brand new 2019 SeaHunt Gamefish 30’. So you can remove anything that has to do with the fountain. The new boat is a center console. It has a head underneath the console. It also has T-top, misters, Yamaha helm mater steering system with SpotLock. XM marine weather, radar, high powered bottom machine. All the amenities you can get on a brand new boat. It’s fast and comfortable. Please make the necessary changes to the listing.”

Trip descriptions can be up to 95 words long, while main descriptions can be up to around 300 words long. We’ll always do what we can to fit your desires into the word count!

See more here:

Updating your photos

Happy lady angler holding a Barracuda

The best way to freshen up your listing for the new season is to update the photos. This shows your customers what they can expect to catch and makes sure your photos represent the gear and boat you’re currently using.

You can add new photos and remove old ones by following the steps outlined here. To rearrange the photos, log in on a computer and click and drag them to the position you prefer.

To change the cover photo, request a change as outlined above. Be as specific as possible so we know which photo you’re referring to!

Here are a couple of examples of effective photo requests we can see to right away:

“I would like my front cover page to be changed to the only picture i have of a red snapper (2nd from the bottom).”

“I would like to change my cover photo from the picture of the boat to the picture with the gentleman in the pink shirt and woman in yellow holding a fish.”

Once you’ve set everything up, we’ll take a look to make sure your services are still being accurately represented in your description and photos. We may call you if we need any further details to advertise you properly.

Now that everything’s up to date, let the bookings roll in!

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