Uploading Your Insurance Documents: Why It’s a Big Deal
Oct 25, 2021 | < 1 minute read
Reading Time: < 1 minute

We know that you do your best to make customers feel safe, but there’s always a chance for something unexpected to happen. As more and more first time anglers hit the water, having your insurance document on record is more important than ever!

Let’s face it, fishing on a boat can be unpredictable. According to the USCG, fishing is the 2nd most common activity at the time of a boating accident.

In fact, not being fully insured can cost you thousands and damage your professional reputation with your customers. According to the Hanover Insurance Group, the average insurance claim is as high as $11,000!

This is why uploading your insurance document to the My Trips app will save you money and preserve your professional reputation if anything happens. Even in a stressful situation you’ll be the one who has everything under control. And when you upload it to FishingBooker, it will be easily accessible offline on your app.

Third party liability insurance has become a standard in travel & tourism. As a result, customers have greater trust in charters who give them protection in case of emergency.

So upload your documents today, and get ahead of the game.

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