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Apr 29, 2020 | 2 minute read
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In an unprecedented year such as this one, regulations and requirements can change quickly. To help you stay informed, we created a directory of links to fishing guide license and boat registration renewals, as well as state wildlife departments’ COVID-19 updates pages.

We hope you find this useful as you navigate these new circumstances.

To use this guide, simply find your state by clicking the alphabetical contents list below.

Alabama – Florida

State Purchase or renew licensesPurchase or renew boat registrationCOVID-19 updates
AlabamaFishing license Boat registration Outdoor Alabama updates
AlaskaFishing licenseBoat registrationBoat and vehicle registration updates
ArizonaFishing licenseBoat registrationAZGFD updates
ArkansasFishing licenseBoat registrationCoronavirus updates
CaliforniaFishing licenseBoat registrationBoat & vehicle registration updates
ColoradoFishing licenseBoat registration
ConnecticutFishing licenseBoat registrationDEEP response
DelawareFishing licenseBoat registrationDNREC updates
FloridaFishing licenseBoat registrationClosures and updates

Georgia – Louisiana

StatePurchase or renew licensesPurchase or renew boat registrationCOVID-19 updates
GeorgiaFishing licenseBoat registrationWildlife resources alerts and closures
HawaiiFishing licenseBoat registrationDOBOR response
IdahoBoat registrationDepartment of Fish and Game response
IllinoisFishing licenseBoat registration
IndianaFishing licenseBoat registrationDNR response
IowaFishing licenseBoat registrationDNR response
KansasFishing licenseBoat registrationWildlife, Parks & Tourism updates
KentuckyFishing licenseBoat registration
LouisianaFishing licenseBoat registrationWildlife & Fisheries updates

Maine – Montana

StatePurchase or renew licensesPurchase or renew boat registrationCOVID-19 updates
MaineFishing licenseBoat registrationDNR updates
MarylandFishing licenseBoat registrationDNR updates
MassachusettsFishing licenseBoat registration MassWildlife updates
MichiganFishing licenseBoat registrationDNR updates
MinnesotaFishing licenseBoat registrationDNR updates
MississippiFishing licenseBoat registration MDWFP’s response
MissouriFishing licenseBoat registrationConservation Dept. updates
MontanaFishing licenseBoat registrationFish, Wildlife, & Parks updates

Nebraska – North Dakota

StatePurchase or renew licensesPurchase or renew boat registrationCOVID-19 updates
NebraskaFishing licenseBoat registrationOutdoor Nebraska health information
NevadaFishing licenseBoat registrationDepartment of Wildlife response
New HampshireFishing licenseBoat registrationFish and Game Department response
New JerseyFishing licenseBoat registrationLicensing FAQs
New MexicoFishing licenseBoat registrationWildlife enforcement news
New YorkFishing licenseBoat registrationVehicle registration updates
North CarolinaFishing licenseBoat registrationClosings and alerts
North DakotaFishing licenseBoat registration

Ohio – Texas

StatePurchase or renew licensesPurchase or renew boat registrationCOVID-19 updates
OhioFishing licenseBoat registration
OklahomaFishing licenseBoat registrationWildlife Department offices closures
OregonFishing licenseBoat registrationODFW updates
PennsylvaniaFishing licenseBoat registrationFish and Wildlife updates
Rhode IslandFishing licenseBoat registrationDEM updates
South CarolinaFishing licenseBoat registrationSCDNR news
South DakotaFishing licenseBoat registrationGame, Fish and Parks COVID FAQs
TennesseeFishing licenseBoat registrationTWRA updates
TexasFishing licenseBoat registrationTPWD updates

Utah – Wyoming

StatePurchase or renew licensesPurchase or renew boat registrationCOVID-19 updates
UtahFishing licenseBoat registrationState Parks updates
VermontFishing licenseBoat registrationFish & Wildlife updates
VirginiaFishing licenseBoat registrationDGIF updates
WashingtonFishing licenseBoat registrationWDFW updates
West VirginiaFishing licenseBoat registrationWVDNR response
WisconsinFishing licenseBoat registrationDNR response
WyomingFishing licenseBoat registrationWGFD response

Are there any other resources you’d like to share with other captains? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll grow this directory together.

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