New at FishingBooker – December 2019
Dec 10, 2019 | 3 minute read
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Throughout November, we’ve been working on making it easier for you to organize your time. We improved the way your upcoming and past bookings show up in the app, and made it possible to update your calendar even when your listing is snoozed. 

We’re also close to unveiling a new way for you and your customers to change the dates and times of upcoming trips. This will make it easier for you when there’s bad weather coming up. It will also help you be more flexible when arranging dates and times with your customers. Read on to find out more.

Boat out of the water
We’ve been oiling up our website to make bookings more streamlined and efficient.

A New Way to Manage Your Bookings

You may have noticed that your upcoming trips look different on the My Trips App now. We wanted to make it easier for you to find the bookings that need your attention right away. At the same time, you now have more power to sort through and view what’s on your plate.

While there used to be three categories for Requested, Upcoming, and Past bookings, everything is now grouped into two categories: “Upcoming” and “All.” Your booking requests are at the top of the “Upcoming” category, so you can see and act on them right away.

We also added a filter to both these categories, so now you can choose to:

  • Only view bookings that need an action on your end in order to go ahead.
  • View all bookings within a certain date range.

Calendar Updates Now Available for Snoozed Listings

You know when you’re waiting for a fix on your boat and you’re not able to accept bookings for right now? That’s the perfect time to snooze your listing. But what if you know you’ll be back in the water in three months and want to note down a booking you received outside of FishingBooker?

Up until this month, it wasn’t possible to update your dates on the new calendar if your listing was snoozed. Now, this has changed. Not only can you update the calendar on a snoozed listing, these listings also show up in the Multicalendar view.

If your listing is fully unpublished, you won’t be able to update the calendar. If you’re planning to get  back on the water but are not ready to accept bookings right now, simply update your settings to “snoozed” and this will be sorted out for you!

Upcoming – Changing Bookings

It won’t be long before we launch a new way for you to manage changes to FishingBooker bookings. It will mean you or your customer will not need to call us if you decide you’d rather fish on another day or at another time. Soon, you’ll be able to simply enter your proposal into the app and send it directly to your customer. 

Your customers will also get the chance to suggest changes to their bookings, which will make your communication with them smoother and hassle free. Look out for the release and a full walk-through of how it works in the next few weeks.

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