Regain Stability And Provide A Better Customer Experience with Online Payments
May 27, 2020 | 6 minute read
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All over the world, the era of cash payments is coming to an end. The way we interact with money is changing, and it seems like those changes are here to stay.

Millions of people in the US are “going cashless,” now more than ever. And while they hunt for an increasingly seamless payment experience, the world is adapting.

By allowing customers to pay online for your services, you open your door to more people, more bookings, and, consequently, more profit. This is a good way to get your business back on track and regain some much-needed stability in the months to come.

It’s simple: the easier the booking process, the higher your chances of getting booked. And after the unexpected pause in the high season, having this kind of a boost could be a game-changer.

Paying Online is the Way of the Future

The US is one of the first countries on the planet to conduct more than 50% of its transactions with cards, phones, and computers. This trend looks set to skyrocket in the near future.

To minimize the danger of COVID-19 infection, US citizens are becoming more cautious about handling physical money. Some people consider money to be “dirty” and able to transfer germs.

Even though there’s no scientific evidence to this claim, people are avoiding banknotes guided by the “better safe than sorry” mentality. Even before the pandemic, at least half the country already went cashless.

That’s over 160 million people! And this shift will only become more pronounced as time goes by. Studies show that by 2022, up to 70% of people will choose to pay for their purchases online. The sooner you get in on this trend, the more customers you’ll be able to attract in the years to come.

Letting people pay for your services online gives you an edge in these ever-changing times. With more people choosing your charter, you get a chance to restore some much-needed stability to your business.

FishingBooker introduced Online Payments in 2019, allowing captains to get in on this new trend and accept full payments online. Little did we know just how important this feature would become for captains and customers in 2020. So, if you’re looking for something to set you apart this season, Online Payments are a step in the right direction.

Insider Tip: In the turbulence of 2020, it’s safe to assume that contactless Online Payments could become a deal-breaker for customers when they’re picking a charter.

What Do You Get With Online Payments?

People who adopt new trends early tend to have more success in the long run. They get a headstart in the new landscape and benefit from more exposure before the crowd catches on. And these days, when everything is so unpredictable, having just a small advantage could go a long way.

With international travel basically nonexistent in 2020, all eyes now turn to national recreational opportunities, which is excellent news for fishing guides. Listing your charter on FishingBooker helps you attract customers who prefer to research and book experiences on the internet. Online Payments are a new, big step towards making that happen.

Here’s what FishingBooker’s captains and customers have noticed about online payments so far.

You’re Protected from No-Shows

Imagine two identical scenarios in which a customer books a trip with you.

In the first one, the customer pays the deposit only, and then decides to cancel at the last minute. You get to keep the deposit, which is only a small part of the trip’s price. You’ve lost time, money, and the chance to gain a returning customer. Far from the optimal outcome.

In the second, the customer pays for the trip in full right away. Seeing that they spent a lot more money, the chances of them showing up are significantly higher. Now, you get to prepare for the trip and relax knowing that cancellations are far less likely. Even if they do cancel, you’ll be compensated in full.

It’s important to note that last year, there was a remarkable decrease in canceled trips when FishingBooker customers booked excursions using Online Payments. To be more precise, there were 63% fewer cancellations!

This is the power that Online Payments has on reducing the number of cancellations.

Another important thing to note is that, because customers pay for their trip right away, you get a higher security deposit. If a client breaches your cancellation policy and decides not to come on the trip at the last moment, you’ll still get the full amount they paid for the trip (minus FishingBooker’s commission).

With Online Payments, you’re protected against late cancellations that could otherwise put you “in the red.” Captains have confirmed that having this form of insurance against cancellations is worth the processing fee that comes with every online payment.

Insider Tip: If a customer violates your cancellation policy when you have Online Payments, you could earn anywhere from 70–90% of your trip’s price. This saves you the stress of looking for a customer to fill the empty time slot and allows you to be more relaxed when you face cancellations. And in the times when every penny counts, having this kind of security is irreplaceable.

Personalized Approach to Online Payments That Will Fit Your Business Model

Captains who would like to receive Online Payments through FishingBooker, but don’t know where to start, can easily connect with our dedicated representatives.

They’re available to answer all your questions and guide you through the setup process. Whatever concerns you have, whatever you need clarification on, our professional team is here to help out.

Insider tip: Three-quarters of FishingBooker’s top-performing captains currently use our Online Payments system. For them, using this service gives their customers an excellent experience from start to finish.

Implementing Online Payments Brings More Visibility to Your Business

One of the perks of getting Online Payments through FishingBooker is that it comes with a ranking boost that could bring more visibility to your listing. This is something you want to hear if you’re looking for ways to attract more business.

When you make it as easy as possible for your customers to find you, book a trip, and pay for it on the spot, your business will benefit.

Easy Payment = More Bookings

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, captains reported a 15% increase in bookings after they enabled Online Payments on their listings. As customers slowly start booking trips again, the option of contactless payments will be more important than ever and demand for it will only increase. People enjoy the simplicity of the platform and the ability to hop on the boat without worrying about handling cash.

Insider Tip: In April alone, about 40% of FishingBooker customers chose full Online Payments over any other form of paying for their trips. Making it easy for your customers to buy a trip will help them make up their minds quickly. By having a seamless payment option on offer, you’re improving your chances of being their charter of choice.

Signing Up Is Easier Than Ever

Here’s the best part – all you have to do to get Online Payments on your FishingBooker listing is let us know that you’re interested. Get in touch and our experts will help you get set up.

We will automate everything for you, so that you don’t have to deal with credit card processing machines. That way, all the payment processing gets done quickly and securely, and you can focus on what you do best – fishing!

This is how it works:

  • Once you register your interest, we’ll get in touch. We’ll walk you through setting up Online Payments and discuss the processing fees and payment details. You’ll also be asked to provide some additional information concerning weather-related refunds;
  • Shortly after the conversation, you’ll get an activation link to an online form;
  • Fill out the form, and activate Online Payments on the spot;
  • Start enjoying the perks of Online Payments!

Get Your Business Back on Course

With Online Payments, you have a whole new avenue of possibilities to explore. In our new reality, this is an excellent stepping stone to regain some stability and provide even better experiences to your customers.

If you’ve been actively thinking about how to reestablish your business over the last couple of months, Online Payments is a great place to start. It’s fast, it’s simple, and most importantly, it works.

There’s still time to get the most out of this fishing season. Catch more customers, more fish, and more profit with Online Payments!

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