The Ultimate Online Fishing Charter Health Check
Mar 12, 2021 | 4 minute read
Reading Time: 4 minutes

Your life and your job changes day to day. But throughout all of this, your online presence will remain the same. Even if you think nothing’s changed since you signed up, you’d be surprised how easy it is for your listing to get out of date. And if the experience you offer doesn’t quite match your online presence, this can result in some serious misunderstandings with your clients.

Check the following details on your listing at least once a year to make sure you – and your customers – are getting a fair deal with no surprises.

  • Prices. Have your trips changed in price? Do your prices on FishingBooker match your own website? Check and update them now.
  • Seasonality. Are all your trips available all year round? If not, make sure your trips are set up as seasonal.
  • Additional charges. Should customers bring extra money for bait, fuel, or tips? Communicate this in the trip description.
  • Capacity. Is the guest capacity on your listing correct and does it match the capacity on your license? Note that this refers to the number of customers who can fish with you, not including captain and mate!
  • Amenities and facilities. Is what your listing says about your restroom, air conditioning, and accessibility accurate? Check your details are still up to date.
  • Boat info. Do you still have the same boat and engine? Has your boat been restored recently? Make sure your boat specs reflect your current setup.
  • Species. Can customers realistically expect to catch all the species you listed, depending on the season? Remove any fish that you’re unlikely to catch and add your more common target species.
  • Policies. Are you clearly stating which (if any) fish your clients can take home? Do you have a minimum age for children? Update the details in the notes.
  • Included in price. Is everything that’s checked here free of charge? Can customers find extra details in the comments? If you provide services such as bait at an extra charge, mention this in your description and trip details rather than checking the box under “included in price.”
  • Payment methods. Do you accept all the payment methods listed? Is the processing fee you selected accurate? Update as appropriate.
  • Cancellation policy. How long before the trip can customers cancel and get their deposit back? Make sure your cancellation policy is up to date.
  • Commission. Move the slider to update your commission if needed.
  • Notice settings. Do you have the correct advance notice and booking window for how you work? Update your settings to make them fit your service.
  • Instant confirmation. Do you have Instant Book enabled? This will give you a ranking boost and relies on keeping your calendar up to date.
  • Out with the old… Are there any outdated photos of old boats or gear in your gallery? Remove them so you’re setting the right expectations.
  • …And in with the new. Add recent photos and videos to set the right expectations. The more, the better!
  • Address. Is the address on your listing your current boat departure point? Edit this field so it refers to where your trip will start, not your home or business address.
  • Listing pin. Is your pin in the correct place? Be specific so customers know exactly how to locate your boat.

Turn your listing into something you’re proud of. Take 10 minutes to check through your offer at the beginning of every season and you – and your customers – will be ready to get the most out of your upcoming trips.

Then it’ll be time to focus on the fun stuff – fishing!

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