Write For Us

Start by sending us an email at [email protected] so we can get to know you and agree on a topic. Tell us a bit about your fishing background and include a link to your blog or other previous work. 

Feel free to include some topic suggestions right off the bat; depending on your expertise, we might request something different from you. 

Once we agree on a topic, we’ll establish the best time to publish it and a deadline for you to meet before then. This depends on the topic seasonality as well as our content calendar.

We’ll also ask you to sign our Guest Blogger Agreement. You can send it back to us anytime during or after the drafting process, just know that we will not schedule your post for publishing until we have your signature.

Please prepare your draft in a Google Doc and email a link to us when it’s ready. Link sharing should be “on” for anyone who receives it; please grant edit access.

Our editors will take things from there.

Before you get started:

We only accept original content. That means it was written by you and has not been published elsewhere before. We also ask that you do not republish your guest post to your own blog, as this has a negative SEO impact for you as well as us.

  • If you’d like to submit a piece similar to one you already wrote, it should be rewritten and offer a new angle. 
  • We’re interested in your unique perspective, including original photos and other visuals. If your article is best supported by data, quotes, or visuals from another source, you must cite it and include a link. 
  • You are welcome – and encouraged! – to share a link to your guest post on social media after we publish it.

We publish content that’s easy to understand and makes fishing accessible to anglers of all skill levels. Many of our readers fish casually or may be just starting out, so have them in mind when you’re writing. Beginner guides to topics are definitely welcome!

Help us promote great fishing, not products. We do not currently review or promote non-FishingBooker products, or include affiliate links, on the FishingBooker blog. Contributor content with any of these will be rejected.

Submission Guidelines:

Please send us a short bio paragraph to include at the end of your post so readers can learn more about you. This may include a link to your blog/website homepage, LinkedIn profile, or business page on social media. You should also send us a headshot.

Do not send us stock images. If you don’t have your own photos to include, we’ll source these on our end.

You may include 1 link in your article to a relevant page on your blog or website, provided this is something we talked about and agreed on. (This is in addition to a homepage link in your bio.) 

Our editors will proof your post for typos and make minor adjustments to reflect our house style. This includes our specific approach to writing species names, dates, measurements, and industry terms. 

  • They will also upload your post to the blog and make sure it follows SEO best practices which apply to the post title, URL, and other elements.
  • Please note that we will not give them rough drafts for feedback or any content that is too poorly written to publish.

For the full run-down on word count, formatting, and submitting your post, see our Guest Submission Guidelines.

FishingBooker reserves the right to:

  • Edit and adapt your contributed content as we see fit, and update it in the future for accuracy and best practices;
  • Remove contributed posts at our discretion;
  • Use guest content beyond FishingBooker’s blog, including but not limited to FishingBooker social media channels, Google Ads, and more;
  • Reject your contributed post or any photos/images submitted along with it if they do not meet our quality standards or company values.

Contributing content to the FishingBooker blog does not create any association, partnership, joint venture, employee, or agency relationship between Guest Writers and FishingBooker, Inc.