Yearly Angler's Choice Award 2024: FishingBooker Honors Top Captains

Apr 3, 2024 | 3 minute read
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FishingBooker’s prestigious Angler’s Choice Award rewards top-performing captains on our platform. The aim of the Angler’s Choice Award is to celebrate guides who provide an outstanding service to their customers.

The award was first presented in 2015 and it received a considerable update in 2022. In order to also give a fair chance to captains in areas that don’t boast year-round fishing, the Angler’s Choice Award has been awarded every 3 months since then.

Once a year, however, the top captains of the platform receive special recognition. These captains have been working hard to consistently provide the best possible fishing experience for their guests year-round and have earned the exclusive award four quarters in a row.

This time, out of 7,910 captains from all across the world, 537 received this extra-exclusive recognition. This 6.8% of captains have provided incredible customer service, reliability, and high-quality fishing trips.

What are the criteria?

A yearly Angler’s Choice Award winner works hard on building reliability and credibility, and that’s what makes them stand out from an already select pool of top captains. To qualify for this special honor, captains had to meet the following criteria four times in a row:

Quarterly Angler’s Choice Award criteria:

  • 4.8+ review score from over 10 verified reviews
  • 98% reliability score or higher
  • 98% response rate or higher
  • Full business verification

Review Ratings

The review score is an average calculated from verified customer reviews, with the scale for reviews ranging from 1 to 5 stars. While all anglers who have been fishing with a captain can leave reviews, only reviews from anglers who booked their trips through FishingBooker count as verified reviews, to limit manipulation. A captain needs at least 10 verified reviews with an average rating of 4.8 or better.

Reliability Score

The reliability score is the percentage of bookings that actually take place. Of course, cancellations that are out of the captain’s control are not taken into account. In order to qualify for the Angler’s Choice Award, a captain should have a realization rate of 98% or better.

Response Rate

The response rate is the percentage of booking requests a captain responds to within 24 hours, which includes both accepted and declined booking requests. The percentage of booking requests responded to within 24 hours should be 98% or better for captains to qualify for the award.

Business Verification

To be fully verified on FishingBooker a captain has to verify their identity and capability to legally operate a fishing vessel (if they use one on their trips). They must also provide the required documents to prove the legality of their business, as well as credentials showing their boat has been registered/inspected.

Multiple Listings

If a captain has multiple listings available on the platform, we calculate the average values across all their listings.

Top Angler’s Choice States in the US in 2024

Out of the 50 US states, 31 have at least 1 yearly Angler’s Choice Award winner. We ranked the states according to the share of winners compared to the number of captains listed on FishingBooker in that state, and this is the outcome:

PositionStateYearly Angler’s Choice winnersGuides on FishingBookerShare of Angler’s Choice winners
2Rhode Island31915.8%
3South Carolina3525513.7%
11North Carolina3937310.5%
22New Jersey71315.3%
30New York52082.4%

Celebrating the Winners

So, there you have it. Acquiring even a single Angler’s Choice Award requires a lot of hard work and commitment, but captains who go above and beyond for their customers and continuously meet the award’s criteria show remarkable consistency and quality of service. We’re proud to celebrate them with this special recognition of winning the Angler’s Choice Award in each season of the year!

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