Freelance Copy Translator, Russian

Marketing - Belgrade, Serbia
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Freelance Language Specialists at FishingBooker adapt the listings to local audiences and keep the translation smooth, natural, and engaging for the customers. They create optimized product while working remotely. 

As part of the Internationalization team, you will help bring FishingBooker listings to Russian-speaking customers and will provide high-quality translation and localization services. This is a freelance position, which means you will be working remotely. 

We are looking for a talented and tech-savvy Language Specialist who is ready to own the localization of our listings from English into Russian while working remotely. Be our new voice of FishingBooker and help us grow!

Please note, although this is a freelance role, due to the volume of listings requiring translation, the work is equivalent to a full-time position. 

Who are you?

  • You know what high-quality work is all about. 

  • You love writing and creating unique content both in Russian and English. 

  • Prioritization, strategy, and good old-fashioned work ethic are right up your street.

  • You can’t wait to have creative and language-driven tasks because you know how to think outside the box. 

  • You are a quick and independent learner who is always looking to know more.


  • Translate, localize, and optimize the Russian version of the FishingBooker listings.


  • Native-level fluency in spoken and written Russian with an excellent command of English (Russian as a first language is a must).

  • Experience in translating and localizing copy from English to Russian.

  • Ability to work equivalent to that of a full-time employee, meaning, as a minimum you will be expected to deliver 50 completed translations per month. 

  • Ability to work independently and also in a positive and proactive manner.

  • Quick learner with a positive attitude and an eye for detail.

  • Business focused.


  • 2+ years of localization experience in travel or online industry and/or teaching Russian/translating.

  • Experience working in multicultural environments. 

  • Knowledge of fishing and the online travel industry.

  • Basic level of knowledge in Search Engine Optimization.

What do you get?

  • Competitive pay.

  • Flexible work hours: work remotely and in your own time. You will still get in-person onboarding in our office.

  • Respect and appreciation. We appreciate each other and show respect all the time. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a senior, full-time or freelancer, we respect you all the same.

  • Having a direct impact on company development and revenue. You have the opportunity to make original, creative contributions to the growth of the company.


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