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This position is no longer available.

FishingBooker is hiring another Recruiter to join our People Ops team in order to help further grow and develop our talent!

As a Recruiter at FishingBooker, you’ll be responsible for the full recruitment process from identifying, sourcing and attracting top candidates for various roles all the way to interviewing and hiring. Although we have our processes established, we don’t want you to just stick to the rules, you’ll have the freedom to evaluate, improve and optimize our recruitment processes over time. 

This position is much more than just hiring, while you will be recruiting in the beginning, once you own the hiring process you will have the opportunity to develop yourself in areas beyond recruitment depending on your skills, experience and areas of interest. You will also work on projects together with the People Ops team in order to create the best possible employee experience at FishingBooker.

About the job

Recruiters at FishingBooker never just do recruitment - our current Recruiter Vedrana will tell you just that. For the first 6-12 months, your job will be predominantly recruitment based. You will be hiring for a variety of positions ranging from technical (Software Engineers) to customer service based (Customer Happiness Agents). Due to the dynamic nature of the role, each position will present different challenges, requirements and processes that you will be the owner of and be able to optimize with time in order to find the right candidates.

During your first 6-12 months, you will be focused on the candidate experience and building a pipeline of talent. This means you’ll ensure that every active and passive candidate who comes into contact with FishingBooker has a great experience. Not to mention, finding the best fit for our open positions. You will be collaborating with hiring managers throughout each step of the process and work together to ensure we bring people to the organization who are a match both skill-wise and who share our values. Cultural fit is really important at FishingBooker and one of our main criteria that spans across all positions. As a Recruiter, your role is crucial in identifying and qualifying candidates who will seamlessly integrate within their team and the wider organization. 

As much as we care about hiring the right people, we also place significant importance on our processes and their optimization - whether that has to do with hiring or something else. You will have our support in testing new ideas and tools in order to create the best possible candidate experience, employee experience as well as having the most efficient processes from start to finish. 

Beyond the 6-12 months, your role will exceed recruitment and depending on your skills and goals, you can focus your efforts on talent development and planning or continuous performance management. Of course, this is not a set career path so your future with us depends on you and how you choose to shape your position within FishingBooker. 

In regards to hours of work, you will be working Mon - Fri with weekends off. Hours of work are eight hours per day, however, your span of hours depends on your schedule and interviews. Sometimes interviews are at 10am and other times they can be from 6pm, when you decide to start and finish will be dependent on this. We give you the flexibility to build your schedule around your day to day responsibilities. 

About the team

Our People Operations team may be small but, we have big ideas. Our goal is to create the best possible employee experience in FishingBooker in order to be an experiential organization where people want to show up not and not need to show up. In order for us to do this, we need your help!

Our team currently consists of a Recruiter (Vedrana), two People Operations Specialists (Katarina and Iva), an office and event manager (Djordje) and Dino who is the team lead and COO. Although our team has specific job titles, we cannot restrict them to their titles as they do much more than that (and so will you). In the short term, you will report to Dino, with the idea of developing one of the members to a team lead position. Our team works hard on hiring the best talent, nurturing our positive company culture and providing our team members with everything they need in order to allow them to do their jobs with ease. 

We have also come a long way in terms of our recruitment processes, from manually tracking candidates to using the best ATS (Workable) and introducing an HRIS (BambooHR) to make our onboarding process as smooth as possible. After all, we are a tech company and wherever we can optimize our process and make our lives easier (and our candidates), we will do just that. 

The addition of a Recruiter to our team will not only make our hiring process more efficient but also long-term contribute to establishing a training and development function within People Ops and further building our employee experience. 

About you

Due to our current team dynamics, we are looking for an experienced recruiter (2+ years) who is passionate about both recruitment and technology. Ideally, you will have experience working as an internal recruiter with a track record of successfully sourcing and hiring for both tech and non-tech positions. 

Due to the nature of the role and positions that you will be hiring for, your English (both written and spoken) should be near-native so that you are able to assess candidates for the same. You should have impeccable communication skills where you easily interact with candidates who apply and those you will source. 

The type of degree you have doesn’t really matter. What’s really important is what you can do and how you do it. A strong track record of hiring amazing talent and building flawless processes speaks volumes. 

We’re looking for people who care about teamwork, openness, and transparency because that’s what we’re all about. We value your opinion and ideas but also want someone who understands the importance of others being heard. We challenge each other, but all remember that we’re here for the same purpose: to do good work together. That means you’re okay with direct feedback (giving and receiving) and you’re willing to support your team members with other initiatives. We’re kind to each other and support each other. We achieve together and as colleagues, we’re here to do our best work. 


You will be hired as a full-time employee with a full-time contract (ugovor o radu). We offer competitive salaries and the potential for a salary increase every April and October during performance reviews. 

We care about your work-life balance so we allow you to work from home on certain occasions (of course when you don’t have interviews in person) and provide 20 days’ paid vacation. Although we are looking for someone with experience, you will have a full onboarding plan where you will learn the ins and outs of the business and how we currently work in People Ops. We also provide company-sponsored books, training, and courses - never stop learning and improving yourself.

We also think it’s important that you get to experience the services our company offers so FishingBooker will treat you to an annual company-wide fishing trip. You will have a team of supportive, caring and friendly colleagues with whom you’ll be able to also enjoy a team-building activity. Other cool things you will get is the best Apple equipment, 50% of your food costs covered and company-sponsored private health insurance after 3 months. 

How to apply

If this ad inspired you and you’d like to join our team, hit the apply button below and send us your CV and motivational letter. 

We look forward to hearing from you!