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Punta Cana fishing has something for everyone. With 62 miles of coastline, the easternmost point of the Dominican Republic has endless possibilities for deep sea and land-based fishermen alike. This popular tourist destination has miles of sandy beaches that face both the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, creating the 'Mona Passage' - also known as a sportfishing paradise.

The area’s rich marine life is sustained by a barrier reef that runs anywhere from a few hundred yards from the coast to a quarter of a mile offshore. What with this and its location on the migratory highway of some of the world’s favorite game fish, there's little to be desired in these waters.

As far as fishing is concerned, Punta Cana barely has a low season. Snappers, Amberjacks, and Barracuda can be caught year-round, while every month has potential for pelagics. And with year-round temperatures staying fairly consistently in the low 90s, this will always be a place to enjoy a tropical climate. What are you waiting for?

Known For

It’s hard to count the things that make Punta Cana fishing some of the best in the Caribbean. Trophy-sized Blue Marlin hookups (especially during the summer months) as well as great Tuna fishing in the winter make it a big game paradise. It is also one of the best places in the world to hook a White Marlin, with the species frequenting the area in large numbers from the end of February deep into the Summer. And with large numbers of Mahi Mahi and Wahoo within only a couple of miles of the coast, you don’t need to travel far to wrestle with the greats of sportfishing.

Some of the best deep sea fishing in Punta Cana can be easily accessed in a short trip. Famous Marlin fishing destinations include the 3 rocks, Macao Beach, and The Pink House. With scores of big game fishing tournaments being held out of Cap Cana Punta Cana every year, it’s no surprise that these waters rarely disappoint.

The one thing to watch out for here is waves - they can be brutal. But when deep sea fishing is off the cards, Punta Cana inshore fishing can be a lifesaver. Healthy populations of Snappers, Jacks, Barracudas, and Triggerfish mean that even if you need to shelter in the protected waters close to the coast, you can still come home with a good back of fish. Remote areas such as the beautiful Laguna de Nisibon make Punta Cana Tarpon fishing some of the best, and most consistent, in the world.

It should surprise no one that multiple IGFA records have already been set, and subsequently broken in these very waters. Above all though, it is the impressive diversity of fishing types, styles and techniques that attract thousand of visiting anglers to the Punta Cana shoreline every year. From lagoon fishing, reef ranging and fly fishing, to squaring off against some of the strongest deep sea pelagics the Caribbean have in store, Punta Cana has it all.

Rules & Regulations

No additional fishing license is required for charter fishing. All billfish caught sport fishing in Punta Cana are to be released.

Types of Fishing

Trolling for Blue and White Marlin is one of the biggest draws of Punta Cana - this is big game fishing at its best. Sailfish, Mahi Mahi, and Wahoo are also attracted to the fast-moving action of lures being pulled along behind the boat.

Shore fishing in Punta Cana is also exciting. Try fishing the Cap Cana channel and Cabo Engano with an 8 foot rod and a selection of spoons or jigs, and you will have the opportunity to catch Snook, Permit, and Tarpon.

Punta Cana fly fishing is growing in popularity, and is the perfect way to target the local inshore species. Bring a selection of flies such as Crazy Charlies, Lefty’s Deceivers, Gotchas, and Chernobyl Crabs and see what you can find at the end of your line.

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Punta Cana Fishing Seasons


Get the new year off to a good start by fishing alongside mighty Humpback Whales in Punta Cana: these gentle giants will be in these waters through March. Catch Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Sailfish, and more at the same time.


Good fishing for Mahi Mahi and Wahoo continues, while Yellowfin Tuna also get added to the mix. As always in Punta Cana, there is a risk of wind, so be sure to be ready for a wavy ride!


Make the most of the end of the whale watching season and ask your captain to take you fishing alongside the migration. White Marlin season picks up. The weather is pleasant and not too humid.


April marks the final part of Punta Cana's dry season and the weather is generally beautiful and warm. Both offshore and inshore fishing is on fire, with serious sportfishing always an opportunity.


May fishing in Punta Cana is all about tournaments! Get into the spirit of big game fishing and soak in the atmosphere of the White Marlin Tournament, Abordo Fishing Derby, and Marlin University at Cap Cana Marina.


June means one thing in Punta Cana: Billfish. White Marlin are still going strong, with Blue Marlin joining them this month. Celebrate by watching the pros at the Big Five Tournament and the International Billfish Shootout.


Although July is in the middle of Punta Cana's low season for tourism, the fishing is hot. Yes, you might be battling rain clouds and stormy weather, but Blue Marlin fishing is on fire. And you can grab a deal at the hotel, too!


Just like July, August weather in Punta Cana is hazy and humid, with rain showers being a daily occurrence. But also like July, Blue Marlin is biting very well. Don't miss the Cap Cana Classic tournament.


September and October are peak hurricane months in Punta Cana. But with Blue Marlins still biting and smaller Mahi Mahi and Wahoo making their appearance again, it is not one to be written off by the avid angler.


Mahi Mahi and Wahoo fishing gets better and better, and with hurricanes still threatening, intrepid travelers can get a good discount at local hotels. While this is not peak fishing season, you can still have fun on the water.


November can still be a rainy month in Punta Cana. Offshore, Sailfish start to arrive and Mahi Mahi and Wahoo are getting more frequent. Inshore, Snappers, Barracudas, and Amberjack are caught year round.


The weather starts to improve just in time for the holiday season. And with the good weather comes larger, and very plentiful Mahi Mahi and Wahoo, which make their appearance nearshore. Sailfish are also on fire.

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Reviews of Fishing in Punta Cana

Full day trip on the Pedator
Robert S. fished with Mike’s Marina - 29ft Gladiator on March 1, 2020
Invite a friend or two and book a full day private trip. A full day really expands the options for where you can fish.
July fishing trip
Gregory R. fished with "Big Marlin" Private Charter – Sherlock 39' on July 30, 2019
Is an adventure no matter the fishing outcome!
July fishing trip
Robert B. fished with Tease Me Sportfishing on July 22, 2019
Do your homework on charters ..ask questions ..
6 hour trip with Tito and Omega
Linda F. fished with Fishing Machine Punta Cana on July 22, 2019
We had a great experience, but were told that the fishing is definitely better in the winter months
We did an 8hr trip with Tease Me Sportfishing
William P. fished with Tease Me Sportfishing on July 9, 2019
Book your own charter dont go through the hotel or resort
Great Day for fishing
Fred F. fished with Fishing Machine Punta Cana on July 5, 2019
be prepared for heavy seas. Waves were 6-7 feet plus
Half Day Trip
Noel E. fished with Fortuna - Big Marlin Punta Cana on June 17, 2019
Views are great and the fish are fighters!
Awesome Crew!
Brett D. fished with Fishing Machine Punta Cana on June 16, 2019
Dramamine if you are not used to fishing several miles out to sea

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