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Fishing in Ludington

Ludington fishing charters aim to surprise fishermen with amazing angling opportunities and high catch rates in that “fishbowl.” A harbor town on the shores of Lake of Michigan and at the mouth of Pere Marquette River, Ludington is home to a wide selection of Great Lakes charter boats. Known as the “Number 1 Salmon Fishing Port in Michigan,” it’s no surprise that this is some anglers’ go-to spot for fishing the Lake.

Lake Michigan Salmon exert maximum resistance against your pull and Pere Marquette River Steelhead are as hard to tempt as alligators. Ludington fishing charters are challenging, fun, and hard to resist.

With Rogers Street Fishing Village, various fishing tournaments throughout the summer months, and some of the finest charter captains in the area, Ludington will surely keep you busy.

Ludington fishing spots

Lake Michigan

Fishing in Ludington will take you in search of the top two: Salmon and Trout. Buzzing down a shoreline on an early spring morning, you will find yourself passing the town’s historical lighthouses looking for husky Brown Trout.

A warm summer afternoon will see you chasing Lake Trout. These trophies become your number one target if Salmon are tricky to find. Steelhead congregate offshore, which might involve going only 1 mile offshore. Mid-summer trips involve all sorts of trolling action pulling both Trout and Salmon.

July through September are considered to be the hottest months for Salmon action. As fall approaches, Kings begin cruising the waters looking for their natal rivers. All you have to do is just let your guide find the right water temperatures and get your rods ready for a battle.

A trip on a sunny autumn morning is a fishing experience that rivals no other. As Salmon gather at the mouths of the rivers ready to run upstream, they are followed by Steelhead.

Pere Marquette River

The birthplace of Brown Trout, Pere Marquette River flows 64 miles from Lake County into Lake Michigan. It is rich with great quality of water and good numbers of Steelhead, Trout, and Salmon. The River is based on Lake Michigan’s western shoreline and is the go-to place for all the Great Lakes lovers.

The Pere Marquette is famous among those anglers who are after huge fish. The spring and summer months are full of world-class Trout fishing. The rest of the year offers great Steelhead opportunities.

Fishing techniques

Lake Michigan fishing

The biggest problem for Ludington guides is where to head first. Wherever they go, be it north or south, the waters teem with various Trout and Salmon species. Even the waters of Ludington Harbor are a great place to wet a line.

The main fishing technique in these parts is trolling. Chinook Salmon, Steelhead, Brown and Lake Trout are caught using downriggers, planer board, dipsy divers, and other accessories.

If you are fishing during mid-day, your King Salmon action might be a bit challenging. Chinooks are picky eaters and considered to be boat shy. But with the right guide, you will be able to get them out of their comfort zone and enjoy fighting these wily fish.

To get Trout in the cooler, your guide will spool the reels with a variety of lines and colors. Steelhead are usually caught using similar techniques to Lake Michigan Salmon fishing.

Pere Marquette fly fishing

Unlike Lake Michigan, trolling is not the most common method here. Instead, these peaceful waters are great to catch fish on the fly. Otherwise, fishing with Salmon skein under a float, bobber fishing in the middle of the day while Salmon can be found in the holes, and casting sticks in the morning produce excellent results.

The best time for Pere Marquette fly fishing charters is from late May through early July. Spring Steelhead, summertime Trout, trophy Brown Trout, and autumn Salmon are the best catches in this scenic river.

Need to know

A fishing trip to Lake Michigan and Pere Marquette River involves a little bit of preparation. First of all, you will need to find a suitable guide for you and your party. The majority of Lake Michigan charter boats are family-friendly and welcome anglers of all ages. With a goal of finding the fish, having tight lines and tons of action, local captains tailor their trips to meet your specific needs. Look for someone with vast knowledge and comfortable boat, and you are good to go.

Before you make your first cast, you will need to purchase a fishing license. One-day licenses are available for short getaways.

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Ludington Fishing Seasons

Find yourself a local guide and explore the ice fishing opportunities if the weather allows. Head to the tributaries for Perch fishing or target Northern Pike.

Before ice begins to go down, you can still enjoy fishing for Northern Pike and Perch in one of the local lakes and rivers. Be very cautious with the ice conditions.

Trollers are gettin nice numbers of Brown Trout. Boats begin to head out to the Lake. Shore anglers are getting Brownies and Lake Trout. Fishing is warming up right now!

The Pere Marquette area produces Perch if you feel like targeting those little monsters. The shoreline trolling trips are also a great idea for an early season trip.

The water surface is getting warmer. Lake Trout fishing is good, Chinook Salmon can be caught in 150-200’ of water. You can even find a couple of Walleye by the piers. 

Summer has come, which could only mean that Lake Michigan fishing is getting hotter. The water is warm and is home to various types of Salmon and Trout. Happy fishing! 

Right now, fishing yields nice doses of Salmon and Trout. Various fishing tournaments and events are also happening right now if you feel like you’re up to a challenge.

Nothing beats a trip to Lake Michigan on a warm late summer morning. You can enjoy fishing for various types of Salmon and Trout before they make their way to the tributaries to spawn.

Salmon and Trout are ready to make their way upstream. If you feel like fishing, you could chase them closer to shore on a warm early autumn afternoon or morning. 

Even if Lake Michigan is not the hottest fishing ground right now, the waters of Pere Marquette are home to Trout and Salmon. Grab your fly fishing or spinning gear, find a guide, and head there.

You can enjoy fishing the waters of Ludington Set Park for Perch if you don’t feel like giving up on Jumbos yet. They hang out in deeper waters along with Steelhead in Pere Marquette.

Pere Marquette is full of Northern Pike and can also hold Perch. Steelhead can also be found early in December if you know where to look. Be careful when ice fishing.

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Top Targeted Species in Ludington

Lake Trout

Lake Trout

Rainbow Trout (Steelhead)

Rainbow Trout (Steelhead)

Brown Trout

Brown Trout

Salmon (Chinook)

Salmon (Chinook)