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Top Fishing Charters in Arroyo City

Fishing in Arroyo City

A small town just five miles west of Laguna Madre, Arroyo City is what you’d call an authentic fishing village. The Arroyo Colorado runs straight through it, and it’s safe to say that’s where most Arroyo anglers got their start. This is a quiet community that’s been blessed with enough professional charter captains to put Arroyo City fishing on the map.

Known For

Arroyo City might not be big, but it makes up for it with easy access to places like South Padre Island and Port Mansfield. Both of these have stellar fishing opportunities, as well as family-friendly attractions like parks and wildlife reserves. Anglers looking to tackle the deep blue can very easily go out from South Padre Island into the Gulf of Mexico to fish. A variety of pelagic species and bottom feeders await in those waters.

Inshore Fishing

The very heart of Arroyo City fishing is definitely the Arroyo Colorado River. Stretching for more than 50 miles, it’s been the lifeline of Arroyo City since its founding. What makes the river so appealing is the variety in fishing that its length enables. For example, you can find Snook and Tarpon in the more brackish parts, while Redfish will usually stick with shallow flats. In fact, this diversity is what made it very popular with fly anglers who will come from other towns to try out the Redfish and Snook bite.

Laguna Madre is the second biggest inshore attractions available to Arroyo City anglers. The lower reaches of the bay are especially popular. That’s because they hold Sheepshead and Black Drum that you can’t find in Arroyo Colorado. Of course, some anglers just like the change in scenery as these waters also hold the likes of Redfish, Trout, and Tarpon.

The second biggest thing drawing anglers from Arroyo eastward is called “The Sand.” This is a sprawling area filled with sand flats all along the western parts of South Padre Island. Full of Reds, Ladyfish, Trout, and others, it’s a nice diversion from more common fishing spots everybody’s using.

Offshore Fishing

You’re unlikely to find anyone offering direct offshore trips out of Arroyo City. This is because most charter captains base their offshore offer out of South Padre Island. It’s still worth checking out because it’s right around the corner and the fishing can be plain magnificent if you’ve got the time.

When federal Red Snapper season comes around in June, anglers from all over will flock to take part in the best bottom fishing this part of Texas has to offer. Regardless of the Red Snapper situation, there’s always some good fishing to be done. In summer that’s usually for Mahi Mahi, Sailfish, and Yellowfin Tuna. Later on, you can also expect a good Blackfin bite, as well as for Blue Marlin to join the fray.

Need to Know


Regardless of where exactly you plan on fishing, you’ll need to have a valid Texas fishing license in your possession. This also applies when you’re fishing on a charter boat as well. The captain will usually supply you with everything else you’ll need, but it’s up to you to have a license. You can easily buy one online and be all set to go.

There aren’t any closures in the state of Texas as far as fishing is concerned. The federal ones do still apply in waters at more than 9 miles offshore.


In a small town like this, competition can get fierce. Competition means competitive prices, and you can expect pretty attractive offers for inshore trips. Arroyo City is the only fishery in the near vicinity where you can easily find a charter boat that offers a 5-hour trip for $300 or an 8-hour one for $500.

Getting There

Arroyo City is off the beaten path, but you can still reach it easily enough. The best way to do it is from Harlingen, a city 20 miles to the southwest of Arroyo City proper. If you’re flying in, this is where you’ll be after landing at Valley International Airport. From there it’s just a matter of taking the FM 2925 east and you’re there.

Arroyo City is a nice slice of rural Texas, offering great fishing at affordable rates. There’s a charm here you’re unlikely to find elsewhere, but the only way to know for sure is to take a look for yourself.

Arroyo City
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Arroyo City Fishing Seasons

There’s plenty of flats at the Arroyo Colorado to make for some world-class sight casting for reds. Bring your fly gear and have at ‘em.

The Trout and Redfish bite continues to be strong, with some anglers venturing to Laguna Madre to look for big Black Drum.

Winter is finally over, but good fishing definitely isn’t! The Reds may slow down a bit, but you can count on a great Trout bite throughout the month.

April is a bit of a lull in Arroyo City as anglers are patiently waiting for Tarpon to show up next month. The more impatient ones go offshore to fish for Marlin.

Tarpon are making their way to brackish waters, much to everyone’s satisfaction! Specks and Reds are also biting well in the bay waters to the east.

When Red Snapper season begins in federal waters, you can count on most anglers to be knee deep enjoying themselves in the deep waters of the Gulf.

The offshore season is in full swing, but as far as Arroyo City is concerned this is a great time to go after some big bad Tarpon.

August can be seen pretty much as an extension of July as far as fishing is concerned. There’s plenty to keep you busy, with Tarpon and Trout being the usual suspects.

It’s going to be much less crowded near Laguna Madre now that the summer anglers have gone home. Time to head out after some Tarpon!

While the Redfish bite is rarely bad in Arroyo City, October is when it starts being outstanding again. Add to that some Flounder and you’ve got an inshore adventure.

Cool water make for calmer fishing. This applies double for fly anglers who can really get some traction going with big Reds in various parts of the river.

While problematic, the cold front will not make fishing impossible in December. You can get a lot done by going after Redfish and Trout in the river, or Black Drum in the bay.

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What People Are Saying About Arroyo City

"Fishing with Brad "

Lora G. fished with Woody's Bay Fishing Charters on August 26, 2017

I would recommend lots of water, sunscreen, sunglasses, buffs and a great attitude. Arroyo City is so beautiful and what a wonderful ride it was out to the bay.

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