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Never even considered fishing in a volcano before? That's all about to change! Located in Taupo Volcano, New Zealand's largest lake is the heart of its northern island, offering stunning surroundings with plenty of cultural relics all around. Hop aboard one of the numerous Lake Taupo fishing charters on offer and discover Maori history, incredible nature, and some of the country’s best fishing. 
Home to the largest natural Trout fishery in the world, there’s no surprise which species reigns supreme in Lake Taupo. Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout draw freshwater anglers from all over the world, as they reach incredible sizes, here. Big, strong, and delicious, they promise a fun day out for anglers of all levels, with plenty of rewards to take home. 
Everyone is welcome aboard a Lake Taupo fishing charter, with trips designed for all abilities. Spend as little as two hours on the water, testing your skills, while the most common trips last anywhere from 4–6 hours. The more experienced among you can take advantage of trips lasting as long as 24 hours, discovering the sights of this ancient, mysterious lake. 
Most charters operate out of the city of Taupo itself, where the Waikato River feeds into the famous lake. This location gives you the chance to go fishing year-round, as you can explore the rivers in winter, and the deep waters in the heart of the lake during summer. 

Rules & Regulations

You’ll need a special Lake Taupo fishing license before casting your line in these rich waters. Buy a 24 hour, weekly, or seasonal license online or from a licensed vendor, and you’re good to go. Other than that, you’ll just want to be aware of the bag limits, which state that each angler can take six fish home with them. 
Lake Taupo
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Lake Taupo Fishing Seasons

Start the year in style with a trip to Lake Taupo. Summer is here, and the fishing is fun, so head out to the centre of the lake and get your fish on. 
The warm weather means that this is the best time to spend a full day or even longer on the water. Come and make the most of the fishing and sights!
Make the most of the last of the good weather, and head to the heart of the lake. Go after the prized Trout one last time before they head upstream. 
As the fish start making their way into the rivers, Taupo itself is the place to be. Test the bite of Brown and Rainbow Trout where the river feeds into the lake.
It may be getting colder, but the fishing action is still red hot. Keep warm with an exciting trip to target exciting and delicious Trout.
As winter comes in, you’ll want to dodge the showers when heading out to the lake. Why not take advantage of a shorter trip and get your fix of fishing?
Don’t let winter keep you away from the fishing on offer here. In fact, you should use an exciting Trout fight as a way to keep active during the cold weather.
While the wind threatens to batter the open waters of the lake, the best fishing takes place on the river. Hide from the elements and get your fish on!
As the weather starts gradually improving, the fish start moving. Go after Brown and Rainbow Trout in the shallow waters around the edge of the lake. 
Beware of the wind come October, as you head out to the lake in search of some exciting fishing. Thankfully, most trips take place aboard strong and stable boats.
Summer is promising a new dawn once again. Keep your eyes on the prize and head to the rich waters in search of an exciting day out and a tasty treat to take home.
What better way to see out the year than with a thrilling fishing adventure? Make the most of the last chance on the calendar, and take advantage of the exciting Trout bite. 

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Top Targeted Species in Lake Taupo

Rainbow Trout (Steelhead)

Rainbow Trout (Steelhead)

Brown Trout

Brown Trout