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Perfectly situated between the bountiful highway that is the Gulf Stream to the west and the flats of the Bahamas to the east, it’s no wonder that some call Bimini the “sportfishing capital of the world”. In Bimini, fishing charters are a-plenty, for good reason. These islands have attracted many anglers and future record-holders, including one Ernest Hemingway - and not without good reason. The islands themselves are coral atolls, providing plenty of fantastic breeding and feeding grounds for reef and bottom dwellers. But the main stars of the area are prestigious pelagic predators - Blue and White Marlin, Bluefin and Yellowfin Tuna, as well as huge Wahoo and Dolphin. Get your game face on, because the bite is red-hot and the fight is incredibly exciting!

Known For

Bimini’s reputation isn’t an empty accolade. Its position allows fishermen from all over the globe to come to one place and enjoy excellent fishing ranging from bottom fishing corals to serious offshore fishing. Ernest Hemingway himself had a boat (the famous “Pilar”) and frequently docked it in Bimini. During his time the Bluefin Tuna fishing in this area was legendary, with massive specimens caught frequently.

Though Bluefin Tuna have been replaced by their Yellowfin cousins, excellent large game is still a staple of Bimini - Blue Marlin are the new prestigious target on the menu. Bimini used to hold the record for the biggest Blue Marlin caught in the Bahamas, with a Grander Marlin weighing 1,060.5 lb, caught in 1979. The record was broken with a 1,119 lb monster, caught off of Treasure Cay by team Double Dog in 2011.


Fishing Spots

The Gulf Stream

The world-famous Gulf Stream flows right past Bimini, offering the finest offshore fishing within 50 miles of the Bimini beaches. The famed 100-fathom spot runs between Ocean Cay and the Great Isaac Lighthouse, after which it turns sharply into the Northwest Providence Channel – this run is where you go after monster Blue Marlin. The bite is hot and the fight is hard here.

Great Isaac

Great Isaac marks another excellent fishing area, stretching to North Pines Beach. This fishery is perfect for going after Wahoo, between 10-25 fathoms of depth.

Bahama Banks

The shore off of Bahama Banks used to be an excellent Bluefin fishing spot, where Ernest Hemingway fished along with the locals. Today, the Bluefin has been mostly fished away (though you can still find some!) and was promptly replaced by Yellowfin Tuna.

“North” North Bimini

The waters north of the “elbow” or North Bimini are excellent flats, complete with almost white sands and crystal clear waters. These are premier flats fishing grounds for Permit and Bonefish, species that both grow large and are plentiful in the Bahamas.

Close to home

Bimini harbor can also provide a load of excitement with its seasonal Tarpon fishing. Although Silver Kings aren’t that reliable, they  can generally be found in the warm summer nights.

Fishing Techniques


Since Bimini is encompassed by excellent pelagic fishing from all sides, it’s only natural that trolling should be one of the main fishing techniques in this area. You can use Pilchard, Goggle-eyes, Pinfish, or Ballyhoo (along with other fish) to attract the big beasts, such as Blue Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Yellowfin Tuna, Kingfish, and Wahoo. Less common, though still appearing, are White Marlin and Sailfish. Don’t forget a wire leader though, these fish have a set of chompers on them!

Reef and Wreck Fishing

The fact that the islands of North and South Bimini are coral atolls means that there is a variety of spots where the fish can breed, feed, and live that are easily accessible to anglers. The sea close to the islands is dotted with numerous plane and boat wrecks, making superb grounds for Yellowtail Snappers, Mutton Snappers, Black Groupers, and other reef and bottom fish. You can also expect to find Sharks, Amberjack, and other beautiful fish.


The crystal waters of the Bahamas that are premium coral and reef fishing grounds just call to the spearfisherman. The call is answered, but government regulations keep the fish depletion in check - no scuba-diving equipment allowed while spearfishing, and no spearguns. The Hawaiian sling is a popular tool here, allowing you to launch your harpoon at the target, similar to an underwater bow

Fly Fishing

The flats offer an amazing fly fishing adventure, with the well-known Bonefish from the Bahamas as the primary target. Flies simulating live shrimp work the best in this area, with those in pink, brown, and white colors usually giving the best bite. Permit are also known to bite in the flats and anglers have come back time and again to hunt these gorgeous fish

What To Know

The Bahamas have pretty strict regulations regarding spearfishing around the islands – you are not allowed to spearfish within 200 yards of the coast. Anglers don’t need a fishing license if the boat captain (and owner) are from the Bahamas – otherwise licenses are needed. Catch limitations mostly apply to all species, while all Billfish species are catch & release only. 

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Bimini Fishing Seasons

Wahoo and Bonefish are the main targets for January, though Snappers and Groupers are staples of fishing this winter month as well.

While the weather is still chilly, Mangrove and Lane Snapper are consistent, as well as the Hogfish and various Grouper species. Yellowtail Snapper start appearing in late February.

Yellowtail Snapper are in full swing. Marlin species grow in numbers as March draws to a close, meaning the fight is on. Permit enter with full force in March. Amberjack start appearing in decent numbers.

Dolphin start kicking, with the big specimens coming in first. Yellowfin are still present in April, though they begin to fade near the end of the month. The Marlin species are in full swing.

Marlin season is slowly winding down, though they are present year-round, but you can still find them in good numbers during this month. Dolphin are still coming in, though they tend to be smaller as the months go on. Bluefin Tuna can be found in May.

Snapper and Grouper are the dependable fish anglers rely upon this time of year. The tourist season is in full swing, you may as well dip your toes and get some relaxing in before the fall fishing rush starts. You can still find decently sized Dolphin swimming around.

Permit are slowly winding down in July, though the fishing will remain decent throughout the month. July is the month to go spearfishing, as the reef-dwelling species are consistent during this period.

Schoolies boil the water while the weather is still hot. This is the last month the Amberjack will be in full season, though you can still catch some occasionally throughout the year.

Wahoo start hunting the waters near Bimini in September in greater numbers. Kingfish also start appearing during early fall and will only increase in numbers as the months go on.

Wahoo start getting bigger as the weather gets colder, so get that braided line ready, they are quite the biters. Mutton and Lane Snappers, as well as Black Groupers, and other species are good catches for the fall angler.

As the year comes to a close the big Wahoo start to appear. They’ll be getting bigger as time goes on, until January. Sharks and Snappers are still in good numbers this time around.

December is the month where Bonefish takes precedence, as it’s one of the few species that’s always in season. Wahoo are at their biggest now, so if you’re looking for trophy catches, this is the time to act!

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Top Targeted Species in Bimini

Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)

Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)

King Mackerel (Kingfish)

King Mackerel (Kingfish)







Grouper (Black)

Grouper (Black)



Marlin (Blue)

Marlin (Blue)