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Walleye and Lake Trout are back! Lake Huron fishing charters will provide you with a top-tier service in this productive fishery. Whether you’re looking for summer action or winter hookups, Lake Huron can cater to your taste.

What you can catch

Fishing Lake Huron has been a tale of ups and downs but never one of bad catch.

Connected to its sister lake – Lake Michigan – Lake Huron covers roughly 23,000 miles of fresh waters. Anglers from Michigan can cast off on the lake from a number of towns dotting the coastline like Bay City, Sarnia, and Alpina, to name just a few. The closest point from Detroit is Sarnia, a short 1-hour drive away.

Morning fishing trips on Lake Huron have an added benefit (other than avoiding the traffic) – stunning sunrises which will leave you speechless. The sunsets are pretty good too! Lake Huron also has the longest coastline of all the Great Lakes, thanks to its numerous islands. The perfect opportunity to head out to one and spend the afternoon on an island away from it all.

Fishing on Lake Huron has had its fair share of adversity, but nothing good happens without a challenge. The Walleye population has bounced back in recent years, making this tasty fish a prime catch in the lake. Smallmouth Bass can be reliably targeted in Thunder Bay and smallies frequent the bays and tributaries of the area. Lake Trout has been getting better and better in recent years. Pike anglers can look forward to reeling in Burbot in addition to the Northern Pike. The Burbot is an underappreciated tasty fish native to the lake. Lake Huron’s not known for its Salmon fishing as their numbers have been decreasing lately, but there’s always the chance you may stumble across a bonus Chinook at the end of the line.

Fishing Spots

Saginaw Bay

If you’re looking for a fantastic Walleye fishery, look no further than the Saginaw Bay. Located on the western end of Michigan’s part of Lake Huron, this bay allows for very productive fishing for a variety of species. It’s shallower than the rest of the lake, you can get an easier hook up here. Whether summer or winter, the staple of the bay is the productive Walleye fishery. The inner waters of the bay are excellent for anglers targeting big Walleye, Perch, and Smallmouth Bass. If you head out to the outer waters (the mouth of the Bay), you can go after Chinook Salmon, Steelhead, and Lake Trout.

Northwestern Lake Huron

The northwest part of Lake Huron, thanks to its shallow sandy coast, allows for excellent sight fishing. In fact, the waters are so clear and the local Carp so hungry that many anglers use the same technique when fishing the flats in the Bahamas. You can land Carp in the 20-30lb range while wading or poling. You have to sneak up on it as it’ll swim away if it spots you!

Southern Lake Huron

The waters on the southern end of the lake are the perfect place to target Steelhead and Chinook Salmon. The mouth of St. Clair River offers anglers diverse fishing. Spring Salmon and Trout action leads the way, followed by summer Walleye hookups. Smaller numbers of Muskie and Pike stalk under the waterline. They may be fewer in numbers but they can reach trophy sizes.


Fishing Techniques

Anglers who want to hook up on Walleye in the “Walleye Factory” of Saginaw Bay should get familiar with fishing the bottom bouncer spinner rig. A staple of landing Walleye, this works wonders when you troll slowly while letting the rig bounce off the bottom gently – Walleye find it hard to resist!

Trolling for Lake Trout is one of the favorite techniques on the Great Lakes, and Lake Huron is no different. Trout are aggressive feeders and love going for flashy and attractive lures – you can have a lot of fun designing rigs. Bold colors and flashy dodgers or flashers entice these predators to bite. Troll near the bottom, a couple of feet above the lakebed.

Sight fishing is especially fun and rewarding, and is available due to the clear waters and shallow sandy coastline of the lake. Carp is one of the most popular targets. It’s recommended to use a 6-8lb line and to be careful with casting and holding the rod – the Carp can spot the reflection off your rod in water this clean. Rubber-tailed jigs, woolly buggers, and stonefly nymphs will give you a better shot at reeling one in.

Need To Know

You should keep an eye out while boating through Saginaw Bay, as the shallow waters and underwater structures can damage your boat. Each year several boats get severely damaged in this area.

You need a valid Michigan fishing license to enjoy the fantastic action Lake Huron offers. You can buy it at license retailers, DNR Customer Service centers or online.

Lake Huron
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Lake Huron Fishing Seasons

January is all about ice fishing for delicious Walleye in Saginaw Bay. Jumbo Perch come in for a strong second place as a popular target to go after while the weather is chilly.

Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead bite around Lexington Harbor and Port Sanilac Harbor, even though the ice can be around 10’’ thick. Walleye is still good in Saginaw Bay, but the ice might be unstable.

Anglers who are itching for some Perch action can get good hookups on the northern edge of the lake, around Les Cheneaux Islands. The mouth of Saginaw Bay gets good Lake Trout action this time of year.

The waters around Cedarville offer action for anglers looking to reel in Splake and Perch. The Lexington Spring Fling fishing tournament is one of the most exciting annual tournaments for Salmon and Trout, heating up the chilly waters.

Areas with higher water temperatures can look forward to Smallmouth Bass and Catfish showing up. Atlantic Salmon can be targeted near the shore or off fishing piers.

Northern parts of Lake Huron offer great native Lake Trout action. Walleyes start biting like crazy in Saginaw Bay and Thunder Bay.

Lake Trout is biting hard under the hot summer sun. Good numbers of Pink Salmon and some Chinook Salmon can also be caught.

Steelheads can be found in waters 80-150’ deep off the coast of “The Thumb”, at the southern end of Lake Huron. Anglers can still reliably target Lake Trout around Thunder Bay.

The inner parts of Saginaw Bay are red-hot with Perch during September. The Walleye bite remains as good as in the previous months. If you’ve been holding out on fishing Lake Trout hurry up, the season ends on September 30th.

Lexington Harbor is the place to be if you’re a fan of reeling in Atlantic Salmon. With the Lake Trout season over, the fishing pressure is usually light this time of year.

Walleye and Perch are the stars of fall fishing on Lake Huron, with good bites happening around Saginaw Bay and Caseville. Atlantic Salmon stacks up at Lexington Harbor.

As the cold weather truly sets in, Walleye and Perch still stay strong even in December. If there’s no ice, trolling can land you good keepers.

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Perch (Yellow)

Perch (Yellow)

Rainbow Trout (Steelhead)

Rainbow Trout (Steelhead)

Lake Trout

Lake Trout

Salmon (Chinook)

Salmon (Chinook)

Brown Trout

Brown Trout

Salmon (Atlantic)

Salmon (Atlantic)