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If you’re coming to Lewisville, and you have some time to spend wetting your line, there’s no better place to do it than Lake Lewisville. Freshwater anglers will have a blast here because fishing is excellent year-round. And for that extra help in finding the best fishing spots, turn to Lake Lewisville fishing guides – they’ll know where to take you.
There’s a variety of freshwater favorites swimming around in the lake, but the most popular and expected catches are definitely Largemouth Bass and Crappie. Both are fun to target, and both make for excellent table fare, so it’s not hard to understand why people love going after them.
Want a bit more diversity in your cooler? No problem! There’s a good amount of Channel and Blue Catfish in the lake, and some of them are real lunkers. Add to that an abundance of Spotted, White, and Hybrid Striped Bass, and you’ve got yourself a fun day on the water.
Some local fishing charters operate all year, while others run trips from spring to late fall when the weather conditions are fishing-perfect. If you’re coming with your kids, half day trips are a great choice, and if you’re out for a mixed bag, then booking a full day will definitely pay off. And once you get a taste of this fishing action, you’ll be back for more every year!

Rules & Regulations

Before you go fishing, remember that you need to buy a valid Texas freshwater fishing license. Lake Lewisville fishing charters will have all the fishing gear you need, as well as a boat to take you to the best fish. All you have to do is enjoy the action!

Lake Lewisville
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Lake Lewisville Fishing Seasons

If you want to hit the water in January, you can expect more than a decent White Crappie bite. Catfish are also quite active this time of year, especially around the old Lake Dallas.
The spring is still not quite here, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun on Lake Lewisville. You can find good amounts of Spotted Bass, and if you’re after a fish that’s fun to catch and makes for good dinner, Catfish are the way to go.
As we’re leaving winter behind, more and more Bass come out to play. Hybrid Bass are out there, getting ready for spawning, as well as Catfish, that are always hungry and ready to gulp down your bait.
It’s getting warmer on the water, which means you can see more and more people fishing both from the shore and from boats. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of Bass to go around, and topwater fishing could pay off big time.
What would you like? Crappie? Spotted Bass? Mindblowing Catfishing? All of the above? Whether you’re after a particular species or you want a bit of everything, Lake Lewisville will provide.
‘Tis the Largemouth Bass season! Even though you can find them around the lake all year, they love warm weather and what’s more important, they’re hungry in June, as are their Spotted brethren.
Hot summers in Texas take no prisoners, so it’s a good idea to go fishing early in the morning to beat the heat. As you’re watching that gorgeous sunrise, reel in enough Crappie and Bass for both lunch and dinner.
If you’re a Crappie fan and you love having a freezer full of Crappie fillets, this is the month to get out on the water and make it happen. Bass are also a very popular catch, especially the Largemouth and Spotted kind.
The summer heat is finally taking a beat and many anglers are making the most of this opportunity. You’ll find many Lake Lewisville fishing guides out on the water, trailing Bass and Crappie around.
The Crappie bite is nothing short of superb in October, and both Hybrid and White Bass are taking the lake by storm, ready to eat. Catfish are also more active and getting ready for winter by gorging themselves.
For some of the charters, this is the last month of work before they end the season, so it’s a good idea to make the most of it while they’re out there. Channel and Blue Catfish are biting left and right, as are White Crappie.
Spend some time on Lake Lewisville before the holiday season, and you’ll be awarded with excellent Crappie and Catfish action! You could also find some good Spotted and Hybrid Bass out there, so fish on!

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Parking places should be more defined We got a citation
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Lots of small crappie. Loads of fun, but threw back a bunch. There are some big ones but not many found our hooks.
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Don Novak took us right to where the sandbars were we were giddy with how many we were catching
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Don't try it alone if it's your first time. Use a guide, learn the lake.
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