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Located on the border between two states, a Sabine Lake fishing adventure offers up a different experience depending on which side you choose to explore. If you’re after a peaceful day on the water and multiple hookups, head to the Louisiana side. For bigger fish and an urban, industrial environment, you’ll want to be in Texas.

Despite its misleading name, Sabine Lake is actually a saltwater estuary. As a result, it’s a great place to hook the area’s famous “Big Three.” We’re talking about some of the most striking Redfish, Speckled Trout, and Flounder around, of course!

Alongside these worthy contenders, you’ll also get your hands on Sheepshead and Black Drum. Heading to the Sabine Pass, where the waters flow into the Gulf of Mexico, can get you on some bigger fish too, like Tripletail, Cobia, and Spanish Mackerel.

It’s true that nothing beats a full day on the waters of Sabine Lake. You’ll have ample time to change spots or chase a specific trophy. That said, if you’ve only got half a day to spare, don’t despair! The Big Three could still be on the cards and you’re guaranteed to go home with a few fish in the cooler.

Sabine Lake spans over 90,000 acres, meaning there are many departure points. In Texas, some of the most notable are found in and around Port Arthur. The Louisiana side of the lake is far less developed but there are a few places to launch from along the Sabine Pass. 

Rules & Regulations

You’ll need to purchase valid fishing licenses, regardless of whether you're fishing in Texas or Louisiana. Once you’re out on the water, there’s no need to worry about borders – the two states have an agreement where you can fish the Texas side with a Louisiana license and vice versa. However, the states have differing catch limits that apply regardless of the fishing license you have.

Louisiana’s side of the lake works better in winter, especially if you’re targeting Speckled Trout. Catching them with shells works great.
Winter is a good time to target Black Drum and Redfish. The Reds get spooked easily, so make sure you approach them slowly, without making noise.
Black Drum is a great target for lake trips. If you want to go out to the Gulf, use this chance to target Spanish Mackerel.
The fish still aren’t that aggressive, so using light tackle is recommended. This will allow you to feel the strikes and react on time.
With higher temperatures, fish get far more active. You’ll have great catch opportunities whether you stay in the lake or go to the Gulf.
This month offers great fishing opportunities for Cobia and Spanish Mackerel. If you’re targeting Reds and Trout, go after them with a smaller bait.
If you’re starting your trip from the Texan side of the lake, stay right there! Trout fishing is great on this side during summer because of the high-salinity waters. 
Catch some Tripletail, Cobia, or Mackerel. Even novices can head out to the Gulf, but start with a short lake trip if you want to be prepared.
Targeting Redfish on Lake Sabine is always a good choice but fall brings even better opportunities. Just look for topwater action and you’ll find them.
You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better time of the year to target Flounder on Sabine Lake. If you want to catch other fish as well, try Tripletail or Sheepshead.
Redfish and Flounder are in the lead when it comes to late fall fishing. Bring your family along and have a memorable day on the lake.
In winter, these fish are less active, so their bites won’t be aggressive. It’s still a good time to target the Big Three and end the year with a great fishing trip.

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whole day trip with Captain Phillips
Jason S. fished with Sabine Outdoors on August 6, 2020
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Mike Phillips of Sabine Outdoors is great. I'd fish with him again anytime I could.
Half day trip
FishingBooker Member fished with Bigguns Guide Service on July 9, 2017
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