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The Santee Cooper network of lakes undoubtedly offers up some of the best fishing in South Carolina. Lake Marion and Lake Moultrie are ranked first and third in size among the Palmetto State’s freshwaters. Take your pick of Santee Cooper fishing guides and get your hands on some of the biggest, most-prized freshwater creatures in the country. 
When it comes to the fish, you’ll be hard-pressed to find such beauties anywhere in the country, let alone the state. Home to world-record Catfish and the state record Largemouth Bass, the lakes already offer incredible fishing, and that’s before you get to the Stripers and Crappie. Whether you’re looking to land that prized catch or your first fish, there’s something for you here. 
Trips on Santee Cooper can last as little as a couple of hours or as long as a full day, so families and pro fishermen are welcome. Go after a specific fish on a tailor-made trip, or target them all over the course of the day. Some guides will even take you out at night, giving you the chance to land Catfish under the moonlight like never before. 

Rules & Regulations

You’ll need a South Carolina fishing license before you go fishing on Santee Cooper. Get a license that lasts from 14 days to a whole year, and you’re good to go. 
One other thing to be aware of when fishing here is the strict Striped Bass season. From June through September, you won’t be able to go after these tough creatures. But don’t worry, there’s still plenty of other fish to target, as you explore these rich waters.
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The subtropical climate of South Carolina makes Santee Cooper the place to be for some fishing action. Come and take advantage of the Largemouth and Striped Bass bite in the deeper waters. 
With the prized fish out in the deep, you’ll need to hop on a boat to get out to reach them. Come with a professional captain and cast away to land that prized Bass, or a delicious Crappie to take home.
Spawning season is just around the corner, so get ready for a flurry of fishing activity on Lakes Marion and Moultrie. Go after the usual winter suspects before the catfishing action starts to kick in. 
It’s peak Bass season as the fish start spawning, giving you hit, after hit, after hit. Fish the canal between the two lakes along with the creeks leading into the river for a range of exciting and delicious fish. 
The warmer weather combines with the active fish to give you some of the best fishing possible on Santee Cooper. Get ready to test your strength against monster Bass, while filling the boat with Crappie too. 
You may not be able to target Striped Bass, but monster Catfish take their place, giving you the chance to land a prized fish. Go after Blue, White, Channel, and Flatheads and head home with a true treat.
Make the most of summer and explore the riches of Santee Cooper in July. Get your hands on a range of exciting fish and discover the beauty of the national and state parks that surround Lakes Marion and Moultrie. 
School’s out, so what better way to keep the kids entertained than with a fishing trip? Get them hooked on fishing, as they start their fishing careers targeting Crappie, before graduating to the monster Catfish.
There’s no sign that summer ending, with the warm weather and thrilling fishing still going on. Target Largemouth Bass in the shallows and Catfish in the deep, and you can even indulge in some night fishing.
As Striper season opens up once more, you’ll have the chance to target these bad boys once more. But don’t miss out on the last chance to target Catfish before they go into hiding, as you go after ‘em all.
While it may not feel like winter is ever going to come to South Carolina, the fish will notice the temperature drop as they go into hiding. Head out to the deep waters for your best chance of reeling in a prized Bass.
When other freshwater fishing grounds across the country shut up shop for winter, you’re in for a treat in Santee Cooper. Get out on the water right up ‘til the end of the year, and get your fish on one last time.

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July fishing trip
Cleveland M. fished with Nav-a-gator Charter Service on July 25, 2020
If you go in July bring lots of water and sun screen and don't be afraid to have fun with the captain he was so so cool.captain pageit was awesome and very Knowledgeable about catfishing and he did not mind at all to share some of that knowledge with us and he really answered every question we asked . It started out slow but captain Brad was relentless at putting us on fish my next trip for catfish will be with him . My 2 friends that was with me was reeling them in awesome job guys can't wait to do another trip with them.
Full day trip with Capt Brad
David M. fished with Nav-a-gator Charter Service on June 25, 2020
Be patient with the weather. Don't give up to quickly.
June fishing trip
Tobias T. fished with Nav-a-gator Charter Service on June 4, 2020
Make sure you bring the proper equipment for the heat from the sun... And stay hydrated...
8 hour trip with Captain Brad
Harmon S. fished with Nav-a-gator Charter Service on May 31, 2020
Come ready to catch fish and have a good time
Awesome day fishing with Captain Brad
FishingBooker Member fished with Nav-a-gator Charter Service on October 19, 2019
Captain Brad with Nav-A-Gator Charter Service was awesome...had a wonderful time and the weather was great!
Full 8 hour day trip with Captain Kieth Charpentier
Mark W. fished with Santee Cooper Fishing Guide on September 1, 2019
Come on and give Captain Kieth with Santee Cooper Fishing Guide your business. You will not be let down.
Fishing with Keith
David A. fished with Santee Cooper Fishing Guide on June 19, 2019
Plan to have a great time with Captain Keith
Trip with Captain Mark Lawson
Laydean H. fished with Catfishing With Capt. Mark Lawson on June 2, 2019
It's a experience you want forget‼‼‼‼