Best Bass (Largemouth) Fishing Charters in Orlando

Top Bass (Largemouth) Fishing Charters in Orlando

Bass (Largemouth)

Bass (Largemouth)

  • Size 1 to 5lbs
  • Food Value Good
  • Game Qualities Good
  • Habitats River, Lake

Bass (Largemouth) Fishing in Orlando

A favorite among tourists looking to explore Walt Disney World or The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Orlando is equally famous among freshwater fishing enthusiasts looking for some of the best inland action in Central Florida. Largemouth Bass, the most popular freshwater game species of North America, is abundant in the area, so it’s no wonder that the Bass fishing Orlando has to offer attracts numerous anglers each year. But it's not all about the quantity – some of the biggest record-breakers are caught right in these waters, too. 

Where to Go

Largemouth Bass make their home in underwater structures and spots with rich vegetation found in lakes, rivers, creeks, and ponds. As it happens, numerous lakes near Orlando fit that description perfectly. Orlando Bass guides can take you exploring a fertile network of lakes scattered throughout the area, most of which are located less than an hour away from the city. 

Kissimmee Chain

Fishing near Orlando is often synonymous with the Kissimmee chain, known for its trophy-sized Bass and located only 20 minutes from Disney World. The network consists of Lake Tohopekaliga (18,800 acres), Kissimmee Lake (44,000 acres), Lake Cypress (5,500 acres), and Hatchineha Lake (14,500 acres), all of which are great for Bass fishing. 
The most popular among them is indisputably West Lake Tohopekaliga (better known as "Lake Toho"). Various Largemouth Bass records were broken here during the 2001 B.A.S.S. Top 150 tournament. Lake Toho record-breakers included the biggest one day weight, biggest four day total, and the most fish over 10 pounds. These mostly-shallow waters and their hydrilla beds (growing up to 12 feet to the surface) maybe hiding your next trophy.
Lake Kissimmee fishing is all about catching big Bass without much fishing pressure – thanks to the thick vegetation, some areas of the lake are nearly impossible to reach by boat, making a perfect hideout for lunkers.  

Conway Chain

Some of the best fishing spots in Orlando can be found in the Conway chain of lakes, lying on the south side of Orlando, 20–30 minutes from Disney World and 10 minutes away from Orlando International Airport. The chain consists of two interconnected lakes (Lake Conway and Little Lake Conway), covering 1,800 acres. Their waters are clear, and the sand bottoms are covered with hydrilla, peppergrass, and eelgrass. The Conway chain is famous for year-round chances at schooling Bass, as well as great sight fishing for spawning Bass. In addition to Bass, the chain offers Crappie and Bluegill fishing. Please note that public access to the lakes is limited, with only two public boat ramps. 

Butler Chain

Orlando Bass fishing charters can also take you exploring the Butler chain of lakes (also known as Windermere chain), located 30 minutes west of Orlando downtown. This chain consists of 12 interconnected bodies of water (Butler, Tibet-Butler, Down, Wauseon Bay, Isleworth, Chase, Sheen, Louise, Blanche, Pocket, and Fish). The sandy bottoms and clear waters of these pristine lakes cover 4,700 acres and have been designated as “Outstanding Florida Waters” by the Department of Environmental Regulation of the State of Florida. The exceptional water quality, rich vegetation, and deep ledges make these lakes an incredible Largemouth fishery, where you can reel in big fish and lots of them. 

Lake Walk-in-Water

Located west of Lake Kissimmee, Lake Walk-In-Water (aka Lake Weohyakapka) is at the top of the list for many Orlando Bass fishing guides. It’s famous nationwide and covers around 7,500 acres. The average depth is 5–6 feet and the middle part of the lake averages 10–12 feet, so the lake is often compared with a soup bowl. With Tiger Creek on the south and Weohyakapka Creek on the North, the waters of this lake are exceptionally clear and rich with various vegetation, such as Kissimmee grass, bulrush, and hydrilla. Lake Walk-In-Water is known for the quantity of Bass, as well as their size. 

And Much More

Largemouth fishing near Orlando, FL doesn't end here. Rodman Reservoir has been delivering large quantities of trophy Bass since its inception and is considered to be one of the top Largemouth lakes in Florida. It covers 9,600 acres and features a lot of vegetation and structure these huge Bass love, including trees, stumps, floating covers, hydrilla, lily pads, eelgrass, and more. The current state record was threatened in these waters by a Bass that weighed a whopping 17.2 pounds. 
Located less than two hours from Orlando, Lake Jackson covers 700 acres and is exceptionally shallow with the deepest point measuring 7 feet. The vegetation is rich and consists of hydrilla, Kissimmee grass, lily pads, dollar weed, flag weed, and pencil reeds. Apart from excellent Largemouth fishing, you can also target Crappie, Bluegill, Catfish, Gar, and more. In addition to the abundance of fish, you'll get to enjoy the diverse wildlife – whitetail deer, Osceola turkeys, eagles, and ospreys, and of course, gators. 
Johns Lake is a hidden gem known only to local anglers, and the best part is that it's less than 30 minutes away from Orlando. It covers 2,400 acres and is filled with flooded bush that trophy Bass use as cover. 

How to Fish

  • You can catch trophy Bass using artificial lures, live bait, or even flies, depending on the fishery and conditions. Artificials such as jigs, spinnerbaits, crankbaits, and plastic lures are often used, through many local captains prefer live bait – shiners, crawfish, nightcrawlers, minnows, and frogs. 
  • Golden shiners are by far the most popular Bass bait, both freelined and under a float. It's recommended that you hook them through the back or the lips using a large 2/0–5/0 hook. Wild shiners are especially efficient when focusing on that trophy Bass.
  • What about the rods? It's recommended that you use medium and medium-heavy rods. In areas with rich vegetation, go for 14–20 lb test lines. Use 20 lb braided lines when spinning and 15 lb lines when baitcasting. 
  • Each of the mentioned bodies of water comes with their somewhat unique fishing styles. Medium/large shiners are a favorite on Lake Toho, along with plastic worms, spinnerbaits, crankbaits, hard plastic jerkbaits, and soft plastics. The Butler chain is known for exciting topwater schooling Bass action and finesse fishing, as well as light tackle spinning. Artificials are especially popular here. The Conway chain is all about soft plastic jerkbaits, jigging spoons, while Lake Walk-in-Water is known as one of the best lakes for topwater lure action. 
  • Most of the Bass fishing in the area is catch and release only. Lake Jackson is strictly catch and release, while Lake Walk-in-Water has a strict release program – keeping fish between 15–24 inches is not allowed. There are also bag limits for smaller/bigger specimens. 

When to Go

Bass fishing in Orlando can be productive year-round, but some months are better than others, depending on the location, weather, and levels of the lakes. Spring is the spawning season, and this is when the action starts to heat up in most of the mentioned areas, however, winter fishing is usually the most productive. Fishing for schooling Bass  on the Conway lakes explodes in winter, particularly early in the morning. October–May is usually the best season in the area, especially at the Butler lakes, where you can catch loads of Bass ranging 3–8 pounds. 
So, whether you’re chasing numbers or that larger-than-life trophy, Orlando waters won’t disappoint any day of the year. The theme park capital of Florida challanges you to break the state record!
Bass (Largemouth)

Bass (Largemouth)

  • Size 1 to 5lbs
  • Food Value Good
  • Game Qualities Good
  • Habitats River, Lake

Orlando Bass (Largemouth) Fishing Seasons

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Bass (Largemouth) fishing in Orlando varies slightly throughout the year. High season is January to February, May and October to December. Low season is March to April and June to September. There is no closed season.

Reviews of Fishing in Bass (Largemouth) Fishing in Orlando

"Half day morning trip."

Tina Champion fished with Close Encounters Fishing Charters on March 29, 2018

Captain Zavier gave us a great experience. We did catch fish, mostly Large mouth Bass that gave us a fight to haul in which was definitely surprising to me! Now I want to catch even bigger and larger fish!! I will be sure to look up Xavier for that adventure!

"5 hr trip with Captain Tom"

Brad Vilims fished with Flataddicted - Orlando FL on August 3, 2017

Fishing was tough due to the heat and time of year but certainly no fault of Captain Tom. Tom was very knowledgeable and experienced and went out of his way to make this a terrific fishing experience. If you are looking for Redfish, Black Drum, Seatrout, (something different from freshwater Largemouth Bass and Crappie) I would highly recommend Tom and "Flat Addicted."

"A great day fishing with Capt. Jonathan "

Chris Foster fished with Go Castaway Fishing Charters on May 20, 2016

Great coms leading up to the trip, Jonathan s skiff is new and well equipped, Jon gave me some coaching as being from the UK Bass fishing was new to me, I was soon into a fish (that I lost ) we hunted for more Bass feeding on fry and with a change of lure I was catching. Jonathan is friendly understanding of peoples fly casting skills and good fun so makes for a great day. Recommended

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