Andros Bonefish Fishing Charters

Andros Bonefish Fishing Charters

Best Bonefish Fishing Charters in Andros

Bonefish Fishing in Andros

  • Size 4 to 6lbs
  • Food Value None
  • Game Qualities Excellent
  • Habitats Flats, Backcountry, Inshore

(Albula vulpes)

The largest of the islands in the archipelago, Andros is, surprisingly, the least populated and least known destinations in the Bahamas. Maybe better that way, as the undiscovered potential of the unofficial Bonefishing capital of the world is yours to revel in.

With more fishable flats than any Caribbean fisheries, when in Andros, you're likely to be about 100 yards away from crystal clear shallows with abundant Bonefish at any given moment.

Hotspots include:

  • the East Side tidal creeks
  • the small island collection off the southern tip
  • the 10 pounder teeming West Side
  • Many ponds in the middle, the largest and best of which is Mangrove Cay

A fantastic guide waiting to take you out in Andros is captain Shawn with Andros Outdoor Adventures. If you need accommodation, he's got you covered as well.

Andros Bonefish Fishing Seasons

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Bonefish fishing in Andros varies moderately throughout the year. High season is January to August and November to December. Low season is September. There is no closed season.

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