Marlin (Blue) Fishing in Canarias

Marlin (Blue) Fishing in Canarias

Blue Marlin caught around the Canary Islands tend to be larger than average, ranging from about 400 to 600 lbs with Blue Marlin weighing over 800 lbs not uncommon. The west coasts of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, where water depths can reach 3700 meters, are perhaps the best areas for deep, well-stocked seas, while Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria is historically the main starting point for Blue Marlin fishing trips. The fish congregate both offshore and inside the islands' shelf, where they target schools of bait fish. Due to the volcanic origins of the islands, water depths reach over 1000 meters within minutes of leaving the shore, meaning Blue Marlin can be found very close to the islands.

A variety of big game fishing tournaments are held on the islands from July to August, with the most important being the Puerto Rico International Big Game Tournament and the Pasito Blanco International Big Game Tournament.

Marlin (Blue) fishing in Canarias varies moderately throughout the year. High season is June to August. Low season is January and December. There is no closed season.
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