Marlin (Blue) Fishing in Key West Florida

Marlin (Blue) Fishing in Key West Florida

The Keys are located at an ideal geographical position for Blue Marlin fishing (as well as myriads of other species), being set up as a kind of a gate into the Gulf, through which these fish follow the loop current. Key West offers the best access to Wood's Wall, which is a sharp drop off ledge some 20 miles offshore towards the south, rife with bluewater pelagics.

Another perk of Key West billfishing is that all the necessary baitfish are also right there for the taking. Starting the day trolling for Bonito, Skipjack or Blackfin Tuna only to use them as bait for Marlin afterwards... Fishing doesn't get much better than that. Most Blues in these waters don't go over the 250lbs mark, which makes them suitable for stand-up fishing.

If there is a guide in Key West that can put you on Blue Marlin, it's captain Jason and his High Stakes Charters.

Marlin (Blue) fishing in Key West Florida varies moderately throughout the year. High season is March, July and October. Low season is January to February, May, September and December. There is no closed season.
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