Snapper (Pink) Fishing in Auckland

Snapper (Pink) Fishing in Auckland

Auckland's ideal position allows for fishing of the Snapper-rich North Island waters east and west of the city. The east coast will have slower growing fish, but large numbers of them, while west coast fishing will have it the other way around.

The island hosts some the largest of these fish to be found anywhere, with some of them reaching up to 15kg (30lbs). Fishing is good year-round over any bottom with reefs, but the hungriest of Snappers can be found pre and post spawning - October through December. Early mornings or late evenings are the best times to go out.

LegASea is an excellent party charter to take you out for Snapper fishing in the Hauraki Gulf.

Snapper (Pink) fishing in Auckland varies slightly throughout the year. High season is January to May and October to December. Low season is June to September. There is no closed season.
Fishing Techniques:

Snapper (Pink) Fishing Charters in Auckland