Trevally (Giant) Fishing in Mauritius

Trevally (Giant) Fishing in Mauritius

The small tropical island of Mauritius is mostly renowned for the billfish and tuna abundant waters, but offers excellent conditions for GT jigging, popping and fly fishing as well. The fish can grow up of 120lbs in this area and normally move in from the east in the fall months.

The island being completely surrounded by a reef system, which the many locals overfish with nets, the real action goes on on the other side of the reefs. The west side is better for fishing, as it is shielded by the island from the winds blowing in this direction.

An outstanding charter to book for your next GT adventure is the Lady Diana out of Grand Baie.

Trevally (Giant) fishing in Mauritius varies moderately throughout the year. High season is January to February and December. Low season is May to August. There is no closed season.
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