Tuna (Yellowfin) Fishing in Florida

Tuna (Yellowfin) Fishing in Florida

The productivity of Yellowfin Tuna fishing off Florida is, sadly, on the decline, even though Blackfin Tuna are sticking around.

However, Yellowfin can still be reached, it just takes a long trip to do it. Anglers going out from the Atlantic coast can find them far offshore on the eastern edge of the Gulf Stream and the Gulf coast fishermen hunt them down on oil rig trips off the Panhandle.

Lady J Sportfishing in New Smyrna Beach is an excellent choice on the Atlantic side and Maximus can get you on to Yellowfin out of Destin.

Tuna (Yellowfin) fishing in Florida varies slightly throughout the year. High season is January to April and November to December. Low season is May to October. There is no closed season.
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