Tuna (Yellowfin) Fishing in Venice LA

Tuna (Yellowfin) Fishing in Venice LA

Venice offers world-class fishing conditions for Yellowfin, but Bluefin and Blackfin Tuna as well. This is the number one destination in the US for Tuna fishing and the only place offering year-round possibilities to catch these magnificent fish.

During the winter months, behemoth-sized (200+lbs) Yellowfin move into Midnight Lump, a sudden rise in the sea bottom some 30+miles offshore. Fishing here is consistent and yields many state record breaking fish. A normal day of fishing will see you catching 100-150lbs fish, with 180+lbs ones not uncommon. As if that wasn't enough, the fall months see a resurgence of Tuna, which follow the mullet migration offshore.

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Tuna (Yellowfin) fishing in Venice LA varies slightly throughout the year. High season is January to April and September to December. Low season is May to August. There is no closed season.
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