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Flounder Fishing in Galveston

  • Size 1 to 5lbs
  • Food Value Excellent
  • Game Qualities Average
  • Habitats Inshore, Nearshore, Flats, Backcountry

(Paralychtis spp. / Pseudopleuronectes americanus)

Packed full of nostalgia-inducing piers and amusement parks, Galveston is the perfect place to spend a day reliving your childhood. But that's not all this island city has to offer! If you're looking for a break from the bright lights of Galveston's land-based offerings, then get ready to take advantage of a truly Texan tradition: hooking your very own tasty Flatfish! Flounder fishing in Galveston is something that simply should not be missed. Year after year, hardened anglers and tourists alike flock here to target this tasty species, which can be found in abundance. Why not join them?

Which charter is right for me?

Thanks to its delicious eating properties, and the fact that it reaches seriously huge sizes, Flounder has become a Galveston fishing staple – and you’ll find plenty of charters on offer. There’s also the famous Texan tradition of Flounder gigging to consider. So how do you pick your perfect fishing trip?

Still discovering your sea legs

If you’re new to the world of angling, or are still getting used to being out on the water, then Flounder fishing will fit the bill perfectly. 
This species loves to inhabit the soft, sandy bottoms of Galveston’s shallow waters, so a four-hour trip or six-hour trip both allow plenty of opportunity to hook your own Flatfish. You’ll also spend less time traveling, and won’t be at the mercy of choppy, deeper waters. 
Traveling with the family? Galveston charters are hugely child-friendly, and the majority of captains love giving beginners a crash-course in Flounder fishing!

For the Flounder fishing fanatic

If you’ve traveled to Galveston purely because of its reputation for incredible Flounder fishing, then there’s only one option to consider: gigging. With access to bays, shallow shorelines, and grassy flats, this is the perfect location to try out this Texan technique, which involves spotting and “spiking” your Flounder with a spear.
Plenty of charters in Galveston are geared toward gigging for Flounder and offer specialized trips. Although it’s possible to find daytime trips, gigging generally takes place at night. This is when the bite is best, and you can catch your Flounder unawares!
Although gigging is an exciting option for more experienced anglers, it’s also completely family-friendly, too. The majority of charters are suitable for newbies, and you’ll be taught just how to wield that spear!

What should I bring?

Like the rest of the state, charters in Galveston generally do not provide fishing licenses, so you’ll have to purchase your own beforehand. This can be done online, or at one of the city’s many bait and tackle shops.
When it comes to fishing gear, you usually won’t have to worry – the majority of charters will make sure you’re “hooked up” with rods, reels, tackle, and everything else you need for a fun day on the water. Yes, this also includes gigging equipment! What are you waiting for? Come experience the bright lights of Galveston, and hook your very own Flounder!

Galveston Flounder Fishing Seasons

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Flounder fishing in Galveston varies moderately throughout the year. High season is October to December. Low season is January to March and July to August. There is no closed season.
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Reviews of Fishing in Flounder Fishing in Galveston

October fishing trip
Lynn A. fished with Line Check Charters on October 25, 2020
Over the top fun for the family! We would do it again today, if we could!
Amazing ride
Lena K. fished with Galveston Offshore on August 11, 2020
See if you could go when it is not so windy
David V. fished with Salty Rods Charters on August 6, 2020
Check out Salty Rods! They get the job done!
Half day trip with Captain Jason
Amanda W. fished with Rod Bending Charters on July 7, 2020
Take some motion sickness meds because the water was pretty rough.
Afternoon Shark trip w/ Capt Shannon
Ej S. fished with Galveston Offshore on June 30, 2020
Find someone who can show you where to fish.
Awesome trip!
Rafael S. fished with Reel Men Fishing Charters on June 25, 2020
Don’t need anything, the crew has everything needed for a good time.
Bay fishing with Captain Tim
Melanie C. fished with Frazier’s Guide Service – Bay Boats on June 10, 2020
Keep an eye on the weather. Talk to your Captain before your trip.
Half day fishing trip
Chad P. fished with Galveston Offshore on March 7, 2020
hit or miss with weather in march but always nice to get out on the water.