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Best Halibut Fishing Charters in California

Top Halibut Fishing Charters in California



  • Size 20 to 150lbs
  • Food Value Excellent
  • Game Qualities Good
  • Habitats Nearshore, Offshore

Halibut Fishing in California

Halibut aren’t the most glamorous fish in the sea, but they are one of the tastiest.  They’re also easy to catch, making them a favorite on family fishing trips. Anglers in California have the unique opportunity to catch two kinds of Halis, both excellent for fish and chips, tacos, ceviche, or a good ole fried fillet. And what better way to enjoy your fish than fresh out of the sea? With a hefty supply of these flatfish available year-round, it’s no wonder why California Halibut fishing has made a name for itself.

When to Fish for Halibut

You can find Halibut all along the west coast, and you’re likely to catch one any day of the year. In southern California, Halibut fishing is best between April and July, but it’s also common to target these fish near Catalina Island during winter. Both species are open to harvest year-round to anglers fishing between Santa Barbara County and the Mexico border.

Hali fishing in northern California stays strong through September, with prime fishing grounds in the bays as well as offshore. It’s important to note that you can fish for California Halibut any time in northern California, but Pacific Halibut is closed to harvest for the first part of the year (usually until April or May).

California Halibut Fishing Methods

Halibut are possibly the laziest fish you’ll encounter. They lounge around the bottom of the sea until something edible passes by and they don’t bother to get up if it keeps moving after the first bite.

Targeting a fish like this typically calls for nothing more than drifting live bait or cut squid. If your bait passes by too quickly, you may lose half of it to a Halibut without managing to actually hook the fish. Reeling a Hali in is easy work, but these fish tend to panic as soon as you bring them to the surface—so don’t get too comfortable just yet! 



  • Size 20 to 150lbs
  • Food Value Excellent
  • Game Qualities Good
  • Habitats Nearshore, Offshore

California Halibut Fishing Seasons

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Halibut fishing in California varies moderately throughout the year. High season is April to July. Low season is August to September. There is no closed season.

What People Are Saying About Halibut Fishing in California

"Half day trip with captain Neil"

Daniel Ku fished with Four Reel Sportfishing on October 6, 2019

Great day with Captain Neil. Everything goes well and kids have tons of fun. Thanks to Captain Neil and Josh's effort. We caught different varieties of fish from rockfish, sheepshead, bass to Halibut all in one trip. We will definitely come back again!!!

"Half day with Captain Ron and Hunter "

Donna Levine fished with Nautilus Excursions on July 28, 2019

There were eight in our group some of which had never fished let alone been in a boat in the San Francisco Bay. We therefore chose to stay within the bay even though our probability of catching more and larger fish was reduced. This was a great choice. We caught in excess of 50 Halibut of which 14 were of legal size to keep. The crew had our full interests in mind as we fished and sight saw.

"Half Day"

Michael Addesa fished with San Diego Charters on March 9, 2019

Great Fishing. Captain was very Knowledgeable caught A lot of fish. Halibut calico bass ect. Took home a nice bag of fillets. Well Done Thanks Kevin.
Based on 15,414 reviews by FishingBooker anglers