Best Snook Fishing Charters in Florida

Top Snook Fishing Charters in Florida



  • Size 3 to 15lbs
  • Food Value Good
  • Game Qualities Excellent
  • Habitats Inshore, Flats, Backcountry

Snook Fishing in Florida

After a devastating cold snap in 2010 almost wiped out the Snook population, these fish are making a comeback in Florida’s warm waters. Anglers from all over the world envy the riches of the Sunshine State. But the most difficult question is deciding where to go! From Destin to Boca Grande, to Miami via the Keys, and up to Cape Canaveral – Snook fishing charters in Florida are abundant. Come and explore the productive inshore waters and battle it out with monster Snook.

What to Expect

While delicious, these fish are heavily regulated due to the population decrease. But that’s no issue! Any angler worth their salt will revel in the chance to fight it out with these exciting creatures. As with many of the prized inshore fish in Florida, you’ll need to creep up quietly so as not to spook the Snook, before the action gets kicking. 
Expect an intense battle as they’ll latch onto your bait with ferocious strength. These tough-fighting fish love to hide in the mangroves, so be careful to keep them close to the surface. Letting them dive with your line is a rookie mistake that could see you lose the fish. 
Choose between a half day, three-quarter day, and full day trip. Beginners are welcome aboard to learn all about inshore fishing, and the calm waters will mean there’s no need to worry about getting seasick. More experienced anglers can take advantage of the longer trips, getting the most out of the rich fishing on offer in Florida.
You’ll also have the chance to head out at night, when the Snook love to feed. Use the dock lights to guide you as you go after these beasts when they rise to the top.

Where to Go

All around the state, you’ll be able to target small creatures year round, with the best and biggest coming out in summer. These fish can only survive in warm waters, so they’re less likely to put themselves at risk in winter. 
Your chances are best during colder months in the Florida Keys. Along the mangroves and up to the Everglades and Miami, you’ll have the perfect habitat for Snook fishing year round.
The big debate lies in whether the east or west coast reigns supreme. Boasting a range of bays and brackish waters, the west coast is ideal for inshore fishing. Head to Tampa Bay, Charlotte Harbor, or the Caloosahatchee River and experience the west’s best Snook fishing. 
While the west may boast an abundance of Snook and other inshore fish, the biggest are found along the east coast. In August 2015, an angler set the record of a 45 lb Snook in Sebastian. In the streams, lagoons, and bays from Fort Lauderdale up to Cape Canaveral, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. 

How to Prepare

To stay afloat on the shallow waters, your trip will take place aboard a light, shallow-hulled vessel. On a bay boat, flats boat, or small center console, up to 6 guests will have all the equipment needed for a productive day on the water. Expect to find a full livewell on board, or try catching some of Snook’s favorite fish to feed on to use as bait. 
Make sure to dress appropriately to protect from the heat and bring plenty of sunscreen to stay safe. Bring your own food and drinks aboard, and make the most of your trip to sea. 
Florida Snook fishing charters offer unrivaled Snook fishing opportunities year round. Come aboard and see for yourself!


  • Size 3 to 15lbs
  • Food Value Good
  • Game Qualities Excellent
  • Habitats Inshore, Flats, Backcountry

Florida Snook Fishing Seasons

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Snook fishing in Florida varies moderately throughout the year. High season is May to September and November. Low season is January. There is no closed season.

Reviews of Fishing in Snook Fishing in Florida

"Four hour Trip with Southbound Fishing Charters"

Stanley Schoemer fished with Southbound Fishing Charters on September 25, 2020

I fished the 10,000 island 9/24/2020 with a Captain John in Marco Island, Fla. It was probable the best guided trip I have ever had in my almost 66 years. I caught 2 trophy Snook one 35" and one 32", 7 Red Fish - 3 over 20", 2 Flounder, a couple Lady fish, 4 small Goliath Groupers, several Blue Runner & and Mangrove snappers and even a couple Salt Water Catfish.

"Full Day Inshore "

Sean Fairbanks fished with Barracudaville Charters on September 16, 2020

Awesome trip. Fished a lot of different areas. Great Spanish Mackerel and Snook bite. Caught a few other species too. Saw a lot of marine wildlife. Captain Mike was very knowledgeable and told great stories. Great trip for me, my son and son-in-law. We will book again.

"Captain Ben know where the fish are and how to get to them!"

Phillip Amiss fished with Leatherneck Backcountry Fishing on September 6, 2020

Couldn’t have asked for a better fishing trip to the Everglades! Captain is AWESOME!! Took us right to the fish and on the first cast we were reeling one in.... the day continued the same way catching juvenile Tarpon, snapper and Snook all day long! Enthusiastically Recommend Captain Ben as your go to Captain for back country and Everglades fishing in the upper Keys! Semper Fi!!

"Non Stop Catching! "

James Isbell fished with Sureel Fishing on September 6, 2020

Every spot we hit produce multiple fish. Caught redfish, filled the cooler with large snapper, caught so many Snook we lost count, and ended the day with 2 grouper! Heck of a day on the water! Thanks Captain Troy!!! We will be back!

"Excellent Experience!"

Chris Myers fished with Capt Brett's Fishing Charters on August 16, 2020

Have used Capt Brett many times, he's great with my son. We have fished the Everglades, Lake Okeechobee and even went Snook fishing with him. He knows his stuff, once you experience his expertise you can't go with anyone else!

"It was a great experience for our first charter!"

Max Mckinnon fished with Flats Monster on August 12, 2020

We set up this charter as a birthday gift to our 15 year old son. He researched and found Captain Tyson had high ratings so we went with him. While the experience wasn't perfect with an electrical issue and retrieving bait causing the trip to be delayed by two hours, he apologized and more than made up for it with us having an exceptional experience catching plenty of Snook and Red Fish.
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