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Best Flats Fishing Charters in Florida

Top Flats Fishing Charters in Florida

Flats Fishing in Florida

Some come to the Sunshine State for a vacation, some to see Harry Potter World, and some to catch their next trophy fish. That’s why, to passionate inshore anglers, Florida flats fishing needs no introduction.
With a wide array of sport fish, hundreds of miles of plentiful waters, and stunning scenery, Florida’s flats are the place in the country (and beyond) to land an Inshore Grand Slam.

What to Expect

One of the many reasons why flats fishing is so popular is because it’s available all year. Of course, there are peak seasons that vary for different species, but whenever you prowl these shallow waters (the depth varies from 2–7 feet), you’ll find something at the end of your line.
The flats are heaven on earth for all levels of anglers. Head out with the kids, spend your day chasing Redfish and Trout, and have a blast with the family. Seasoned fly fishermen come here for the challenge of catching spooky fish in crystal-clear, skinny waters. Want to hook the biggest Tarpon of your life? Yup, you’ve guessed it, they’re on the flats.
The Florida Keys are famous for superb flats fishing and they hide some of the most exciting inshore action you can find. Permit, Bonefish, and Tarpon (also known as the “King of the flats”) are the most prized catches here, due to their speed, incredible fighting abilities, and the fact they’re anything but easy prey.
But this is just the high royalty of the flats. Other superstars include Redfish, Spotted Seatrout, and Snook, which are very popular both in South Florida and around the Panhandle. In the north of the state, the abundant saltwater is also the playground of Barracuda, Cobia, Flounder, Spanish Mackerel, and more.

How to Catch ‘Em

Light tackle is usually the name of the game, both because it’s fun and challenging, and you can use regular spinning gear or fly fishing equipment, depending on what you prefer.
During the summer and early fall months, you can go sight fishing for tailing fish. This is the time when the water surface is so calm that you can see the fins of the fish protruding out. Stealth is the key because the fish can easily spot you in the clear water and run away before you even see them.
Going after Tarpon on the fly is the ultimate fishing experience on the flats, and it will test your skills, patience, and strength. Just imagine having a 100 lb Tarpon and maneuvering around his aerial displays and headshakes – if that sounds exciting, it’s because it is!

What Trip to Choose

One thing is certain in Florida – there’s no lack of fishing charters to choose from. Whatever your fishing appetite, you’ll find a guide that will be able to accommodate you. Many captains specialize in flats fishing, and you can easily find anything from fun, family-oriented trips to fly fishing expeditions reserved for pros.
In general, shorter excursions are a great idea if you’re hitting the water with your little ones – 4–6 hours is more than enough time to catch some fish, learn a couple of tricks, and have fun. If there’s a particular species you’d like to target or hone your fishing skills, book a full day trip and fish on.

What to Bring

Another perk of flats fishing in Florida is that charters usually include all the gear, bait, and licenses you need. All you have to think about is sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses to protect you from the sun, as well as a supply of your favorite drinks and snacks. come aboard and your flats fishing adventure can begin!
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Reviews of Fishing in Flats Fishing in Florida

Morning red fish
Michael K. fished with Fire Line Fishing Charters on October 26, 2020
Lots of marine life to see, the light house was awesome.
Great day in the morning!
Al S. fished with Blue Runner II Inc. on October 24, 2020
Four hours is plenty unless you’re a seasoned fisherman then should go at least 10 hours
Rainy day women!
Richard R. fished with Silver Lining Fish Charters on October 19, 2020
If rain is in the forecast, BELIEVE THE WEATHERMAN!
Great Fishing with Championship Team
Jim P. fished with Championship Offshore Outfitting And Charters on October 16, 2020
Look it up on Fishing Booker for sure!!!
6 hour on Windwalker ll
Jarrod R. fished with Windwalker II Charters on October 14, 2020
Book a private charter it’s worth the money.
Full day trip with Brad
Vicky R. fished with Adventures Aboard The C-ScouT on October 13, 2020
Yes the C scout is awesome. Best fishing trip ever.
Fishing with Capt. Bob
Fred B. fished with Catch 22 Fishing Charters on October 12, 2020
Bring some drinks. You will want to stay on the water a long time!
Great day!
Charles L. fished with B&B Charters on October 11, 2020
Get a guide or just kayak the flats for specs and reds

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