Darwin Reef Fishing Charters

Darwin Reef Fishing Charters

Best Reef Fishing Charters in Darwin

Top Reef Fishing Charters in Darwin

Reef Fishing in Darwin

Darwin reef fishing charters are a brilliant choice when staying here, as even a half day trip can get you a full bag of juicy table fare. One look at the map, and you’ll understand why — there are many reefs to the north brimming with Gold Snapper, Jewfish, Coral Trout, Red Emperor, and indigenous Stripey. On a good day, you can even put some live bait on display for Tuna, Giant Trevally, and Cobia.

What’s it like aboard Darwin reef fishing charters?

Famed for its almost ever-lasting season, Darwin has a lot to offer year round. As for reef fishing, you will find many productive reef spots in the Timor Sea, just as you exit the Cullen Bay. Some charters stay closer to the shore, often exploring underwater wrecks in the Darwin Harbor, while others brave the distance and head out.

Even on a half day trip you can reach Middle Reef, Fish Reef, Bass Reef, Fenton Patches, Charles Point, or Lorna Shoals. These trips usually take you up to 20 kilometers (some 12 miles) from the coast. On a full day trip, you will have the luxury of heading further out, some 50 kilometres even. This will give you more time to explore the rich waterways around the reefs and focus on fishing.

When you reach the reefs, you can expect to get North Territory’s finest reef species - Golden Snapper (tasty and feisty), Red Emperor, Coral Trout, Jewfish, and an occasional Giant Trevally, or even game fish.

Not only are these reef species tasty, but are fun to catch, and don’t get surprised that so many local captains take pride in giving you a memorable fishing experience first. It’s not just about getting fish - not that Darwin reefs lack any - but also about the act of fishing.

The top period for going to the reefs is the ‘dry season’ ie from May to September. This means you will be fishing with calm weather and clear skies and seas. It’s a good option for novice anglers, and a tasty one, if we may add.

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Reviews of Fishing in Reef Fishing in Darwin

Fantastic morning fishing
Nicola B. fished with Darwin Harbour Fishing Charters on July 17, 2019
Go on Fishing Charters Darwin. Professional and made sure a great experience was had by all!
July fishing trip
Malcolm G. fished with Darwin Harbour Fishing Charters on July 8, 2019
Travel with a reputable charter company
4hr harbour with Skipper Cameron.
Tania B. fished with Darwin Harbour Fishing Charters on June 27, 2019
Yes! Perfect for first time anglers too.
Half day with Jimmy. Great fishing, great time, 3really good blokes in Jeremy. Steve and Locke.
Gerard P. fished with Darwin Harbour Fishing Charters on April 30, 2019
You bet,all levels of experience, least experienced caught the most fish.
Half day trip with Capt Paul
Fiona L. fished with Darwin Harbour Fishing Charters on April 19, 2019
Definitely, we took our 2boys aged 16 and 13, their first time fishing and they loved it-they are hooked ?
Half Day Trip with Captian Paul
Fay M. fished with Darwin Harbour Fishing Charters on April 8, 2019
Try it you will have so much fun we did.
Fishing with Paul
Melissa W. fished with Darwin Harbour Fishing Charters on September 7, 2018
Don't expect to always catch fish. It's not called cathching!
Half Day fishing trip with Captain Ken
Dr R. S. fished with Darwin Harbour Fishing Charters on August 19, 2018
Go with Captain Ken. Knowledgeable, friendly and professional.

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